The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume VIII

Mr. Bladen
to mr. Dela-
faye, 1st Nov.,

p. 4078

No. 1539.


Paris, November ye 1st, N.S. 1719

. . . . . The meeting first intended for Saturday took not place till yesterday. My Lord Stair was present at the opening of the Commissions, and judging their powers to be sufficient, we proceeded to fix the method of treating.
It was agreed to take the several matters separately and distinctly, in the order the Treaty of Utrecht has ranged them, and at our next meeting, which will be on Saturday, we are to enter on the pretensions of the Company trading to the Hudsons' Bay.
As you know the particular regard I have for the Earl of Stair, and the great opinion I have of his abilitys, you will easily imagine how great a consolation it must be to me to have his assistance in an affair of this consequence.
I am glad to understand, by your favour of the 15th past, o.s., which I received last night, that my brother Pulteney thinks of leaving London. His presence will likewise be of great use to His Majesty's affairs. . . . .

* Reprinted from Joint Appendix of Documents, Ontario-Manitoba Boundary Case (P.C.), p. 510.


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