The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume VIII

Mr. Bladen to
Mr. Delafaye,
July 3, 1719.

p. 4072

No. 1536.


London, July 3rd, 1719.

Sir,—Since you was pleased to do me the honour to propose, in behalf of theyr Excellencys, the Lords Justices of Great Britain, that I should go to France in order to Treat there with such persons as shall be appointed by His Most Christian Majesty, concerning the several matters left undecided by the late Treaty of Peace, concluded at Utrecht, and referred to Commissarys to be hereafter named for the purpose,
It will be proper that the person, who shall leave the honour to be charged with their Excellencys' Commands concerning them, should be fully apprized of the demands which the Hudson's Bay Company and His Majesty's subjects of the Island of Montserat, have to make upon those of France, and this will be best done by their Excellencys' Orders to the Board of Trade to examine the same, who may likewise, if their Excellencys' please, be directed to make a collection of all such papers and memorials now remaining in the Plantation Office, as may serve to fix the Boundrys of Nova Scotia and of Hudson Bay....
If it should be my lot to go upon this Commission [I shall only ask] that one of my instructions may be to communicate and consult upon all occasions with the Earle of Stairs, His Majesty's Embassador at Paris, and that the said Earle may be empowered, if he pleases, to be present and assist at all the conferences that shall be held upon the subject matter of my Commission.

* Reprinted from Joint Appendix of Documents, Ontario-Manitoba Boundary Case, (P.C.), PP. 506-7.


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