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No. 1532.

4th AUGUST, 1714.


Representation Presented
The 4th August 1714.

To the Right Honble the Lords Comissrs of Trade and Plantations.

The Humble Representation of the Govr: & Company of Adventurers of England Tradeing Into Hudsons Bay.

That Pursuant to the fourth Article of the Treaty of Utrich they did in the Begining of June Last Send a Ship for Hudsons Bay and Therein a Govr. One Capt. James Knight and his Deputy M. Henry Kelsey to Take Posession of the whole Bay and Streights of Hudson Together with all other Places Relateing thereto, As mentioned in the Said Article They haveing not onley her Late Majesty (of Blessed Memory) Her Comission for the Same Purpose Together with one from the Company ; Butt Likewise the Most Christian Kings order under his hand and Seale with a power from the Canada Compa. to Deliver up the same According to the Said Treaty.
Which Ship at the request of the Canada Compa. is not onley to Bring away the French Settled in Hudsons Bay But Likewise all their Effects. Pursuant to the Aforesaid Treaty they Paying freight for the same. Which Ship may be Expected the Latter End of September or Begining of October next.
They further Represent to your Lordships that According to a memorial formerly Delivered this honourable Board Relateing to the Limitts or boundarys to be Settled by Comisaries Twixt the English and french in those Parts They Humbly Pray. That for avoiding all Disputes and Differences that may in Time arrise between the said Company and the french Settled In Canada. That noe Wood Runners Either french or Indians, or any other Person Whatsoever, be Permitted to Travell or Seeke for Trade Beyond the Limitts hereafter mentioned.
That the said Limitts begin from the Island Called Grimningtons Island or Cape Pedrix In the Lattitude of 58 ½ North, May be the Boundary between the English and French on the Coast of Labradore Towards Ruperts Land on the East maine, and Nova Brittania on the French side.

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That no french Ship, Barque or boats or Vessell Whatsoever Shall Pass to the Northwestward of Cape Pedrix or Grimingtons Island towards or Into the Bay and Streights of Hudson on any Pretence Whatsoever.
That a Line be Supposed to Pass to the Southwestward of the Said Island of Grimington or Cape Pedrix, to the Great Lake Miscosinke Alias Mistoseny, Divideing the same into Two parts (as in the Map now Delivered) and from the said Lake a Line to Run Southwestward Into 49 Degrees North Lattitude, As by the red Line may more Plainly Appear, & that that Lattitude be the Limitt that the french do not Come to the North of it, Nor the English to the South of it.
That the french nor any other Imployed by them Shall Come to the North or Northwestward of the said Lake or Supposed Line by Land or water, on or through any Rivers, Lakes or Countreys to Trade, or Errect any Forts or Settlements whatsoever and the English on the Contrary not to Pass the said Supposed Line Either to the Southward or Eastward.
The Said Company haveing Already Delivered to your LdShips an Abstract of the Damages Sustayned by the french in Times of Peace Am°. to £100543: 13:9: According to the Direction of the 11ath Article of the Aforesaid Treaty which they humbly Entreat your LdShips to Take Effectuall Care of, to the Releife of the Great hardships they have soe Long Laboured under.

By Order
of The Governr & Compa of Adventurers of
England Tradeing into Hudsons Bay
W. P. Secr.
Hudsons Bay House
The 4 August 1714.


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