p. 4054

No. 1520.



Deld. the 20th of
Octobr 1711.

The Hudson's Bay Company desire, And Report it Necessary to the end That in time to come, no Dispute & Difference may arrise, Between the Said Company and the french settled in Canada.
First that noe wood runners or any other Person whatsoever Either french or Indians, be permitted to Travell or Seeke for Trade Beyond the Limmitts hereafter mentioned
That the said Limmitts Begin from the Island Called Grimingtons Island, alias Cape Pedrix, in the Lattitude of 58 ½ northwards which wee desire may be the Boundary between the English and french on the Coast of Laboradore, Towards Ruperts Land, on the East maine, & Nova Brittania, on the French side.
That a Line be supposed to pass from the southwest from the said Island to the Great Lake Miscosinke alias Mistoseny Devideing the same in Two parts, (as in the Mapp1 now Delivered) & that the french shall not come or any others Employed by them, to the north or northwestward of the Land Lake or supposed Line by Land or water, on or through any rivers, Lakes, Or Settle on any river Leading towards or into the Bay of Hudsons to Trade or Erect any Forts or Settlements whatsoever, & the English on the Contrary not to pas the said supposed Line Either to the Southward, or Eastward.
That the french be Likewise Obleidged to Quit Port Nelson alias Fort Bourbone, undemollished Together with all forts factories and Settlements whatsoever Taken from the English in the Condition they are now in, Together with all other Places They are Posessed of within the Limmitts aforesaid, or within the Bay or Streights of Hudsons.
And that for the future noe french ships Barke, Boate or Vessell. whatsoever shall pas to the northwestward of the said Cape, or Grimingtons Island, Towards or into the Streights & Bay of Hudson on any Pretence.
These Limmitts Being first Settled and Adjusted the Company are willing to referr their Losses and Damiages formerly Sustained by the, french in times of Peace, to the Consideration of Commissioners to Be Appointed for that purpose.

1See page 4049 and footnote.


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