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No. 1514.



The Compies Representation
Left with ye Lds Commissnrs
& Councell of Trade, the
12th June 1700.

To the Rt Honble the Lds Commissrs appointed by his Majesty to Treat wth the French Commissioners.

The humble Representtn of the Govr & Compa of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay.


That the sd Compa did humbly hope pursuant to the 8th Article of the Treaty of Risewick the Right & Pretentions wch either Crowne had to the Place Situated in Hudsons Bay would have been examined by yor Lordps before any Agreement or Determination was made (the Compa not Doubting but to make it evidently appeare that the whole Bay & Streights of Hudson doth of Antient Rt wholly belong to the Crowne of England, & Consequently ought to be in the Compies Possession as rightfull Proprietore of the same) And therefore they hope yor Lordpps will not Deprive them of their Rt wthout Due examinacon had & Proof made by the ffrench of a Prior Rt & better Title wch hitherto has not been performed, nor did they ever pretend to the same till the yeare 1682 Or ever sailed a Vessell into those Parts since the Creation of the World till that time, And then in a Piraticall manner wthout any Comission or Authority from his Most Christian Majesty, and which he himselfe was Afterwards pleased to Disapprove of
But if yor Ldpps cannot obtaine an Inspection according to the sd 8th Article but pressed by the French to settle Boundaries (wch wth humble Submission is not the first stepp, nor ought to be till ye Rt has been fully Discussed)

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Yor Petrs humbly pray yor Lordshipps not to proceed therein till Wee have further informed yor Ldps ye true state & Scituation of the Countrey, And ye Dangers Wee shall always be exposed to by the French haveing soe great a Part of Hudsons Bay as they Seeme to Insist upon, And the rather for that the Honr of the Nation as well as the Estates of your Petrs) are soe greatly Concerned therein.

And yor Petrs Shall Pray &ca
By Order of the Generall Cout of ye sd Compa
WM. POTTER, Secretary.
June the 4th 1700.


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