The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume VIII


General pro-

County of

County of

p. 3998

No. 1495.





An Act respecting the Division of Lower Canada into Counties,—and the boundaries of certain Cities and Towns for the purpose of Representation in the Legislature.

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Assembly of Canada, enacts as follows :

1. The Counties, Cities and Towns hereinafter mentioned, shall be the subdivisions of Lower Canada upon which the Representation of the People thereof in the Legislature shall be based ; and the said Counties are those intended for all purposes in these Consolidated Statutes and in the Consolidated Statutes of Canada, except only where it is otherwise expressly provided, either in the said Consolidated Statutes or in some local or special Act remaining in force and applicable to the subject of the enactment :—That is to say :
District of Saguenay—(St. Etienne Murray Bay.)
33. The County of Saguenay shall be bounded on the south-east by the River Saint Lawrence, including all Islands nearest to the said County and wholly or in part opposite thereto, on the south by the parallel of the forty-eighth degree of north latitude to the County of Chicoutimi as hereinafter described, on the north-west and west by the said County of Chicoutimi,—and on the north and north-east by the limits of the Province ;—The said County so bounded comprising the townships and settlements of Saguenay, Tadoussac, Little Saguenay, Sainte Marguerite, Pergerones, Escoumains, Iberville, Laval, Latour, Betsiamites, the Seigniory of Mille Vaches or Portneuf, the Terra Firma of Mingan, the Islets of Mingan, the Island and Seigniory of Anticosti, the settlements and posts of Manicouagan, Betsiamites, No. 1495.

p. 3999

Godbout, Saint Pancras, Pointe des Monts, Saint Paul, the Seven Islands, the Jeremie Islands, and all the other tracts of land comprised within the Hunts aforesaid ; Ibid, sub-sect. 15,—18 V. e. 76, s. 10.

District of Chicoutimi—(Chicoutimi.)

34. The County of Chicoutimi shall be bounded on the west by the county of Portneuf as herein before described,—on the south by the parallel of the forty-eighth degree of north latitude, as far as the prolongation of the eastern line of the township of Saint Johns on the Saguenay, thence on the east by the said prolongation and the said line to the River Saguenay, and crossing the River Saguenay, by the prolongation of the said eastern line to the River Sainte Marguerite,—on the north-east by a line to be drawn from the above point on the River Sainte Marguerite due north to the limits of the Province,—on the north by the limits of the Province ;—The said County so bounded comprising the townships and settlements of Saint Johns, La Trinité, Harvey, Simard, Tremblay, Bagot, (including the Municipalities of Bagotville and Grande Baie) Chicoutimi, Laterrière, Simon, Jonquière, Kinogami, Labarre, Metabetchouan, Signay, Mésy, Caron, Charlevoix, Bourgette, Taché, Roberval, Ouiatchouan and Delisle ; 16 V. e. 152, s. 1. sub-sect. 14,—22 V. (1859) e. 69.
The Districts above referred to in Italics are the Civil Districts, and the Electoral Divisions are those for Representation in the Legislative Council.


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