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No. 1445.


LABRADOR is a country of North America, frequently called by the name of New Britain and Eskimaux or Esquimaux, having Hudson's Straits and part of the North Atlantic Ocean on the N.E., with the same ocean also on the E. Groenland also lies to the N.E. On the S.E. it is divided from Newfoundland by the straits of Belleisle, and on the S. it has the gulf and river of St. Lawrence, with part of Canada and Hudson's Bay on the W. Its extent is from lat. 50 deg. to 63 deg. N., and from long. 51 deg. W. to 79 deg. W.

1 “The Naval Gazetteer or Seamen s Complete Guide.” By John Malham, Boston. W. Spotswood and J. Nancrede, 1797, 2 vols., p. 21.


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