p. 3784

No. 1441.

Vol. II. London: Printed for A. MILLER, &c. 1762.

“LABRADOR, TERRA DE, one of the northern countries of America, called also New Britain and Esquimaux. It lies to the S.W. of Groenland. It has Hudson's Streights and part of the Atlantic Ocean on the N.E. and the latter also on the E. On the S.E. it is divided from Newfoundland by the streights of Bellisle, on the S. it has the gulph and river of St. Lawrence, with part of Canada ; and on the W. Hudson's Bay. It extends from lat. 50. to 63. N. and from long. 51°. to 79. W. It is almost of triangular form, but we have no knowledge of the inland parts of the country, and only an imperfect one of the coast. The great poverty and ferocity of the people who live near the sea shore, with the excessive coldness of the climate, have deterred Europeans from settling any colonies here. The natives hunt for furs, in which they carry on a traffic with the Europeans. This, with the coast on Hudson's Bay and the neighbouring country was ceded by France to Great Britain by the treaty of Utrecht, in 1713.


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