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Name of Concession. Grantee. Date of Grant. Area of Grant. Tenure. Nature of Rights Conferred
or to be Enjoyed.
Anticosti and St. Lawrence Degroseliers and Radisson 29 Apr., 1676 Island of Anticosti and river St. Lawrence from Anticosti to Montreal. Twenty years (1676-1696). Granted the exclusive right to establish seal fisheries in Anticosti island and exclusive right to take “ marsouin blanc ” in the river St. Lawrence between Montreal and the eastern extremity of Anticosti. Also to take seals in said portion of the St. Lawrence in common with other French subjects.
Indian Island Perrault, Marcoux et al. 15 Sept., 1786 Indian Island and adjacent mainland on coast of Labrador. Empowered “ to establish Seal, Cod and Salmon Fisheries in the whole or any part ” of Indian Island and the mainland between the western extremity of said island and a point five leagues northward thereof by
“ two leagues in depth, with the Rivers which shall be found
therein ” but without authority to exclude other British subjects “ from fishing or drying fish on the said Island and Shore.”


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