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Name of Concession. Grantee. Date of Grant. Area of Grant. Tenure. Nature of Rights Conferred
or to be Enjoyed.
Montagamiou [sic.] Lafontaine de Belcour 1 Sept., 1733 “ La coste du Nord du fleuve St. Laurent ” from the river Itamamion to Montagamion. Nine years (1733-1742). Annual rental, 4 beaver skins. In 1739, Lafontaine, the Concessionaire, was granted an extension of 6 years. Further extensions must have been granted as Lafontaine, in 1756, entered into partnership with Strouds for 3 years (1756-1759). “ Le privilege exclusif de faire des establissem'ts pour la pêche sedentaire du loup marin . . . avec les droits de pêche, chasse et traitte avec les sauvages dans lad. estendue.”
Baye-Fortean Adrien Demarais Vincent 20 Aug., 1748 Forteau bay, together with the tract of land of about ¾ league frontage between point des Dunes and point Grincedents, by four leagues in depth and the islands opposite. Nine years (1748-1757) but, when ratified, was reduced to 7 years (1749-1756). The right to make establishments “ de pesche du loup marin, ainsi que la Chasse et Traitte avec les sauvages a l'exclusion de tous autres.”
Kessressakiou to Keguaska Legardeur de Couremanche 17 Oct., 1702 “ Au lieu appellé l'abrador pays des sauvages Esquimaux, a commencer depuis la riviere appellée Kegaska jusqu'a celle nommée Kesesaskion [Hamilton river] qui ferout les deux bornes de la d. concession.” Ten years (1702-1712). The exclusive right “ y faire le commerce avec ces sauvages et la pesche du loup marin.”
Isles de Goelans Antoine Marsal 15 Dec., 1736,
26 Feb., 1738.
The 1736 grant extended from the southwest point of baye Ste. Barbe to a point three leagues northeast of same. In 1738, Marsal's concession was reduced to the Goelans islands. Nine years (1736-1745). Exclusive right to take seals between 15 June and 15 July.


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