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Name of Concession. Grantee. Date of Grant. Area of Grant. Tenure. Nature of Rights Conferred
or to be Enjoyed.
Isle d'Anticosti
Louis Jolliet March, 1680 Island of Anticosti . . In perpetuity, subject to the usual conditions attached to seigniorial grants.
St. Paul
Amador Godefroy
de Saint-Paul
20 March, 1706 Extended from a point 5 leagues west of Eskimo river to a point 5 leagues east of said river by 10 leagues in depth and also included islands opposite. In perpetuity, subject to the performance of
“ foi et hommage,” continuous residence and payment of customary dues.
“ Avec droit de chasse, pesche et traite avec les sauvages dans toute l'etendue de la d. concession,” subject to the stipulation that French fishermen should be permitted to use the shore at any point other than the beach specifically reserved by the grantee for his own use.
Belle Isle
Riverin, Chanion,
Catignon and
19 Jan., 1689 (a) Belleisle island ;
(b) Six leagues of the north shore of Belleisle strait opposite said island (Labrador) ;
(c) Six leagues of the shore of Newfoundland on the south shore of Belleisle strait, to be held en seigneurie.
The seiginory was granted in perpetuity, subject to the usual seigniorial conditions. The right to take cod, seals, etc., within the limits of their concession was also unlimited in time. The seigniory was granted
“ en toute proprietté, fiefs, seigneuries et justice.” The grant included the exclusive right for twenty years (1689 - 1709) to trade with the natives “ depuis les Blancs Sablons, situez le long de la dite coste des Esquimaux jusques à trente lieus le long de la dite coste de Labrador ” toward Hudson strait ; also the same right on the shore of Newfoundland which forms the south shore of Belleisle strait ; also “ avec droit de chasse et de pesche dans l'estendue des dits lieux concedèz.”


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