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necessary in the present circumstances, for reasons too obvious to mention, to know for whom and by whom this trade is carried on, I have all along paid a due attention thereto.
Monsieur Hocquart's agent could produce no title in favour of his principal, at the same time I was well informed, the King's grant to him for life had never been registered at the Conseil Superieur of Quebec, a form absolutely necessary to authenticate the same, and as I did not thoroughly approve of the Persons who held it in Farm, I laid the lease aside for the present and gave Monsieur La Fontaine, a person in indigent circumstances with a numerous family, leave to fish and trade there for one year only.
The confirmation of the grant which Monsieur Hocquart is said to have obtained in 1760, is a sufficient proof how sensible he was, that the original title was defective ; in a letter to his agent, of which I have the honour to inclose an extract, he acknowledges his having the title by him, which consequently had not been transmitted, and registered here in due form.
If Monsieur Hocquart's original title was defective, the confirmation, as Monsieur D'Affey is pleased to stile it, appears to me as ill founded. His Majesty's ships rid triumphant in every part of the river below Quebec, long before the period which he assigns for the execution of this Act of Sovereignty, and His Majesty's Forces were in full possession of Lower Canada.
When Monsieur La Fontaine's time expired, I granted the same1 for seven years, or untill His Majesty's pleasure was further known, to a Mr. Gray, one of the British Merchants residing here, and as he is an intelligent sensible young man, I meaned upon a settlement of the affairs of this Colony to recommend this Gentleman for a further indulgence herein, as he promises to become a most usefull member of society.
Your Lordship will please to lay the affair before His Majesty, with a full assurance that the same is the plain and true state of time fact, without the least alteration in any one circumstance, without any view to injure or molest the parties concerned, and to which I was moved only by the unalterable zeal with which I have and shall always continue to act for His Service.

I have the Honor to be,

My Lord,

Your Lordship's most obedient and most
faithfull humble Servant.
Right Honourable the Earl of Egremont,
One of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State.

Endorsed : Quebec, Sept. 7th, 1762, for Murray.
Rd. Nov. 2nd by Colonel Maitland, representing the invalidity of Mr. Hocquart's claim to a District of Land in the River St. Lawrence, and explaining his own conduct with regard to that land ; with an inclosure.

1 Gros Mecatina.


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