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It is proved that all the heirs of Bissot & Jolliet together were incapable of Equipping the Post of Mingan, and that no application for that purpose was ever made to me by any of them it is likewise incontestably proved, that of his own free will & accordance upon his own terms, the Post of Mingan was left to Mr. Isbister by Mr. Lafontaine ; and it is plain, that Panets letter, quoted by Lafontaine to Lord Halifax, was designedly curtailed, had the whole been inserted, in place of proving the force Majeure that letter of itself is sufficient to demonstrate the contrary.
In place of being stripped of his Property, it was evident he received Eight Hundred Dollars from Tachet for the Post of Mekatinat, a gift from me ; which Mr. Lafontaine chuses to forget ; and he has the assurance to say in his letter to Lord Halifax of the 23rd Oct. that the payment of the Three per cent from the Post of Mekatinat was peremptorily refused him ; But it is proved, that orders were issued in September to Mr. Gray to pay what was due on that score.
The personal reprimand was for Injuries he had done to all the world, and most probably prevented his Creditors from throwing him into prison : It at least exculpated me for not doing it, to have winked at such behaviour must have injured the Publick this reprimand had no connection with his claims to the Posts, but he says it was for attempting to ascertain them ; and thereby to destroy my handyworks. In short the very manner of representing this matter to the Minister, shows how richly he merited the epithets I gave him on that occasion, his Ingratitude conforms everything, for it is certainly proved that his family in place of being distressed, has been long supported by me. By representing himself a man of dignity, and much esteemed in the Province, he does injustice to the Canadians. They can distinguish better, and must be shock'd that he had been ruined, “ par la fleau de la guerre.” Monsieur Foucault the senior Counsellor is here alive ; Sound in health & Judgment and esteemed by all who know him. Mr. Lafontaine's extravagance, many years before the war, put it out of the power of fortune to ruin him. Such idle deliberate falsehoods are sufficient to debase the first blood in Europe, but when told seriously to the King's minister, and that to the prejudice of his Majesty's Governor, they require a greater punishment, than I would chuse should be inflicted, upon the Unhappy father of Eight Children.


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