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No. 1262.



By the Honorable Guy Carleton, Lieutenant-Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of Quebec, Brigadier-General of His Majesty's Forces, &c. &c.


Whereas I have received an Order of his Majesty in Council, dated the 26th Day of June, 1767, in the Words following, viz.

At the Court at St. James's,
The 26th Day of June, 1767.


The King's Most Excellent Majesty.
Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, Earl of Harcourt,
Lord President, Earl of Shelburne,
Duke of Grafton, Viscount Townshend,
Duke of Queensberry, Viscount Howe,
Lord Steward, Viscount Barrington,
Earl of Huntingdon, Viscount Clare,
Earl of Denbigh, Viscount Villiers,
Earl of Litchfield, Lord Sandys,
Earl of Cholmondeley, James Stuart Mackenzie, Esq.,
Earl of Marchmont, James Oswald, Esq.,
Earl of Bristol, Sir Edward Hawke,
Earl of Ashburnham,
Whereas there was this Day read at the Board, a Report from the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs, dated the 12th of this Instant, in the Words following, viz.

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“ Your Majesty having been pleased, by your Order in Council, of the third of December last, to refer unto this Committee, the humble Petition of Anthony Merry, of London, Merchant, in Behalf of himself, George Allsopp, Joseph Howard, and Edward Chinn, Merchants, and Inhabitants of your Majesty's Province of Canada, in North-America, setting forth, amongst other Things, That, in Consequence of your Majesty's Royal Proclamation, of the 7th of October, 1763, and of another Proclamation, issued in Your Majesty's Name, by his Excellency General Murray, Governor of Quebec, on the 31st of January, 1765, the petitioners were encouraged to load a Vessel with sundry Merchandize, provide Canoes, and every Thing necessary and proper for carrying on the Trade with the Indians, at a Place called the King's Posts of Tadousac and Chegotimi, on the River Saguenay, in the Neighbourhood of Lake St. John, and having built a Shed, or Ware-house, for the Reception of their Goods, and at a very considerable Expence, established themselves, gained the Indians to their Interest, and made a Settlement on Lake St. John, they were prohibited from prosecuting their Plan, by your Majesty's Receiver-General, and the President and Council of Quebec ; and humbly praying, That your Majesty will be graciously pleased to grant them an Order for Liberty to dispose of such Goods as they had sent up, or your Majesty's Royal Mandate for a Grant of such Lands as are mentioned in a Petition presented by then to Governor Murray, or to be otherwise relieved in the Premises.
“ The Lords of the Committee, in Obedience to your Majesty's said Order of Reference, this Day took the said Petition, together with a Report made thereupon, by the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, dated the second of this Instant, into their Consideration, and do agree humbly to report to your Majesty, as their Opinion, that the Petitioners had no Right, by your Majesty's Proclamation of the 7th of October, 1763, to trade at the Posts of the Royal Domain at Tadousac and Chegotimi, on the River Saguenay, in the Province of Canada, or to erect any Magazines, or make any Establishment for the Purpose of Trade there, and that your Majesty's Right thereto ought to be considered as excluded from the general Right of Free Trade, granted by the said Proclamation, and ought to be carried on only by your Majesty's Lessees, under your particular Licence for that Purpose, and that the Buildings and Magazines erected at the said Posts by the Petitioners should be demolished, and that the Goods sent there by the Petitioners be returned to them, notwithstanding the Manner in which they conveyed them thither : And their Lordships humbly submit to your Majesty, that the said Petition of Anthony Merry, and others, should be dismissed.”

His Majesty taking the same into Consideration, was pleased, with the Advice of his Privy Council, to approve thereof, and to order, as it is hereby ordered, that the Buildings and Magazines erected at the said Posts by the Petitioners be demolished, and that the Goods sent there by the Petitioners be returned to them : And it is hereby further ordered, That the said Petition

p. 3260

of Anthony Merry, and others, be dismissed this Board, whereof the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, or Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Province of Quebec, for the Time being, and all others whom it may concern, are to take Notice and govern themselves accordingly.

12th July, 1768.

All Persons are therefore required to pay due Obedience to this His Majesty's Order, in Council, and govern themselves accordingly, as they will answer the Contrary to their Peril.

Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at the Castle of St. Louis, in the City of Quebec, this Twenty-seventh Day of September, in the Eighth Year of his Majesty's Reign, and in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-eight.

By the Lieutenant Governor's Command,

GOD Save the KING.


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