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To His Excellency the Honble James Murray Esquire, Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of Quebec &c. &c. &c. and the Honorable the Council for His Majesty in said Province.

The Petition of Thomas Dunn & John Gray.

Humbly Sheweth
That your Petitioners have for these two years past been Lessees of the Posts of the King's Domain in this Province according to their antient Limits, by virtue of a Lease granted to them on the part of His Majesty, for one year certain, and for fourteen years, if approved of by the King, reserving a power in his said Majesty to annul the Lease upon giving your Petitioners Six Months Notice before the Commencement of any subsequent Year, and in the Lessees to relinquish their Lease upon giving twelve Months Notice to His Majesty's Governor of this Province for the time being, And in default of the said Notice being given on either side, then the Lease to continue and be in force during and until the Expiration of the said ensuing or subsequent Year.
That your Petitioners had occasion to show their Lease and explain the nature of it to the Board of Trade in England last Year, with the received Opinions and given Motives of the French Government formerly in this Province, for that Method of conducting the Posts of the King's Domain ; and also the state of them when this Country was conquered, which rendered their being continued upon the same footing necessary, until His Majesty's pleasure should be known in that behalf. Upon this Occasion their Lordships were pleased to observe, that the Lease was very proper, very prudently and cautiously made, and under such Circumstances every reasonable Power reserved to His Majesty.
That your Petitioners in faith of their Lease Strengthen'd and encouraged by this Just declaration from their Lordships of the Board of Trade, have equipped and supplied the Indians of the Domain for this present Year to a very large amount, the Returns for which they cannot come at, before the

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Month of September next at soonest, and as they have not received warning of His Majesty's Intentions to lay the Posts of the Domain open, until the present Year was commenced, several Months thereof elapsed, and all their advances made to the Indians, and as the laying them immediately open must inevitably and totally ruin your Petitioners ;
Well assured that neither His Majesty, His Ministry, nor the Legislative Body of any of his Colonies or Provinces, when duly informed of the Merits of their request, will see Individuals destroyed and ruined especially where no Injury to the publick can ensue by supporting them in their claim.
Your Petitioners humbly pray and earnestly beseech Your Excellency and Honors not only for their own sakes, but in behalf of their Creditors, and Correspondents, who otherwise must suffer as well as your Petitioners, that They may be allowed the fair Benefit which Justice entitles them to, by granting them your Protection and Support in the uninterrupted possession and enjoyment of their Lease, until the end of this Year, which elapses the first day of October next.

And your Petitioners shall ever pray &c. &c.


Quebec 9th March 1765.

Endorsed: Copy of a Petition of Messrs Dunn & Gray to Govr Murray.

9 March 1765.


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