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No. 1251.




This Indenture made at Quebec the Twentieth day of September in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty two, between His Excellency James Murray Esquire Governor of Quebec and Dependencies thereof, in behalf of His Majesty of the one part, and Thomas Dunn and John Gray Merchants of Quebec of the other part.
Witnesseth, That for and in consideration of the Rent and Covenants herein after reserved and contained on the part and behalf of the Said Thomas Dunn and John Gray their Executors and Administrators, to be paid kept and performed, His said Excellency, Governor James Murray in behalf of His Majesty hath demised, granted and to farm, letten and by these Presents doth demise grant and to farm let unto the Said Thomas Dunn and John Gray the Several Posts, for carrying on the Indian Trade and several sorts of Fishery heretofore known in this Province by the Name of Kings Posts, with all and Singular the Implements, Profits, Commodities and Appurtenances thereunto belonging or Appertaining ; to have & to hold the said Posts, with their and every of their Appurtenances before mentioned, for and during the full term of one year certain, from the first day of October next ensuing, as also for the Term of Fourteen Years from the first of October One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Three, Yielding and paying therefore yearly and every Year, during the said term, unto the Governor of Quebec for the time being, or to whom His Majesty shall please to appoint, the Sum of Four Hundred pounds this Currency, in One payment upon the first day of October of every Year during the Continuance of this present Lease, providing no order to the contrary should arrive from Great Britain, In case the said contrary orders should not arrive before the Month of June in the next or any of the subsequent Years, it is the true intent and meaning of this Indenture, The Said Thomas Dunn and John Gray shall enjoy the Same untill the first of October of the Year following, as before the Month of June Supplies must be sent to the said posts for Twelve Months to come, owing to the Nature of the Commerce carried on with the Indians, & the Navigation of the River St. Laurence being

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practicable only a space of certain Time, and that were the said Lessees obliged to relinquish these Posts after their advances and dispositions made for another Year, they must be Subject to very Considerable losses and the said Thomas Dunn & John Gray shall be at liberty to relinquish the same, they also on their parts giving twelve months notice, to the Governor for the time being, that the Crown may take proper measures for supplying the same, AND if it should happen the said yearly Rent of Four Hundred Pounds or any part thereof should be behind and unpaid by the space of Thirty days after the expiration of the Year; then the Governor of Quebec for the Time being for and in behalf of His Majesty or whom He shall appoint to Re enter, have, Repossess and enjoy the same again, and the said Thomas Dunn and John Gray their Executors, Administrators and Assigns thereat and from thence expel and put out any thing herein to the contrary therefore in any wise notwithstanding, AND the said Honorable James Murray Esquire Governor of Quebec doth for and in behalf of His Majesty Warrant the said Thomas Dunn and John Gray from all intrusion by any other Traders whatsoever, and in particular from such as shall possess and live at the farm of Malbaye which from its Situation and easy communication therewith might otherwise intirely destroy their Trade for and during the Continuance of the present Lease; as do the Said Thomas Dunn and, John Gray agree for themselves, their Executors, Administrators and Assigns, or some or One of them, Shall and will at their own proper Costs and Charges, Support, Keep and Maintain all the Appurtenances of the said Posts in such order as they receive them; And the said Honorable James Murray Esquire Governor of Quebec for and in behalf of His Majesty his Heirs and Successors doth Covenant & Grant to and with the said Thomas Dunn and John Gray their Executors Administrators and Assigns that they the said Thomas Dunn and John Gray their Executors. Administrators and Assigns paying the said Yearly Rent of Four Hundred Pounds above reserved in manner aforesaid, and performing all and every Covenants and Agreements herein before contained, which on their parts & behalfs are or ought to be paid, done, or performed, shall and may Peaceably and Quietly possess and injoy the said Posts, hereby Demised for and during the term hereby Granted, with the aforementioned proviso, without let, trouble or interruption.
In Witness whereof we have hereunto Interchangeably set our hands and Seals the day and year afore Written

Signed Sealed and Delivered                    THOMS. DUNN
in the presence of Us                               JOHN GRAY



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I do hereby Certify that the foregoing deed is a true and Correct Copy taken from the Original as recorded in the English Register Office of Enrollements for the Province of Quebec


Endorsed: Certified Copy of the Lease of the King's domain at
Tadousac & ca. granted by Governor Murray To
Thomas Dunn & John Gray, 20th Septr. 1762. No. 2

No. 1252



London 21 January 1764.
My Lords
When I had the honour of appearing yesterday before Your Lordships, being unacquainted with the real matters contained in the Petition of Mr. Mirrie1 and others until it was read before the Board and unequal to the task of speaking with that directness & propriety in public, which might have been necessary upon that Occasion ; I beg leave to lay before Your Lordships, a few circumstances, which have since occurred to me, relating to the Posts of the Kings Domain, in Canada and a copy of a Memorial which I presented to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, on that Subject, having been informed, that it came naturally under their Consideration as a part of the Revenue, which was the reason it was not immediately laid before Your Lordships.
By the present system of management, in these Posts, the Indians are peaceable, and satisfied with their situation, and their friendship secured to the Crown, without any expence to the Government, with an addition to the Revenue, of Four hundred pounds per annum. By laying them open, the expence of presents, and the appointments of the several Commissarys that will be needful at the different Posts, may amount, to one thousand pounds a year, as a certain charge, on the Government ; and it cannot consist with the interest of any Individual of the number that will goe to these places, when the trade to them becomes general, to have stores of Goods & provisions,

1 Anthony Merry.

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lodged there for the whole year, as is now the case; and it is to be feared, the want of that resource they have always had, may occasion discontents among the Indians, the consequences of which, may be difficult to obviate. Besides, as the limits of the barren Country they inhabit, are very extensive, it will be next to impossible to prevent the lower Class of people from making journeys privately, into the interior distant parts of it, and committing abuses of a dangerous nature, and which in the present case, has seldom been attempted, but never without detection.
These particulars I have taken the liberty to lay before your Lordships, not from any view, to insinuate the propriety of continuing the Posts, as heretofore, if the consequences, I have suggested can be avoided by a different Plan ; But as the lease, granted to me and my Partners, for one year certain, and fourteen if approved by the Government with power in us to relinquish it, upon giving twelve months notice, not only carried a probability, from appearances, of our enjoying the lease for some years longer, but also the necessary measures followed, for preserving the friendship of the Indians, led us unavoidably into a very large expence, of advancing them Goods and necessarys upon Credit, besides the charge of building and repairing dwelling and Storehouses, which had been rifled or destroyed by the Privateers, in the time of the Late war, with many utensils and materials, we were obliged to lay in, to a considerable value, and which if the Posts are immediately laid open, can serve for no other purpose, and will therefore be almost a total loss; I'm encouraged to hope from these Facts which may be made appear more fully if needful, that your Lordships will be pleased to take our case into Consideration, being singularly hard upon us, And if it should be found expedient to alter the present establishment of the Posts, to Grant us a reasonable time to retire our Debts and Effects, which otherwise will be impracticable for us. but a certain, Severe, and heavy Loss. I have the honor to be with the most profound respect

My Lords

Your Lordships most Obedient &
most humble Servant

Letter signedJOHN GRAY.

Endorsed: QUEBEC. Letter from Mr. JOHN GRAY to the Board, dated 21st January 1764 relating to the Posts of the Kings Domain in Canada and inclosing :
Read June 18   1764


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