p. 3227

No. 1242.




The Paper No. 2, registered in Book No. 38, purports to be likewise a Commission dated the 8th of May, 1750.

The said Intendant did thereby Commission Mr. Guillimin, a member of the Superior Council to proceed in his quality of Commissioner, to the Inventory & Estimations aforesaid, in the presence of the old and new Lessees, or persons empowered by them, according to the written Instructions delivered to Him.
In the same Paper No. 2, are inserted the Instructions as near as I am capable of translating them in the words following, vizt—
Written Instructions for Mr. Guillimin, a Member of the Superior Council of Quebec, appointed to make the Inventory and Estimation of the Posts of Tadoussac.
We deliver him an account of Pere Cocquart a Jesuit Missionary at the said Posts, concerning a Chapel which was built by His Predecessors at seven Islands, which is become useless, the Savages going to attend Him at the Isle Jeremie. He will examine that building and in a particular Report state the Utility which it may be of to the Post, as there is no Storehouse there, and will have it estimated to direct us concerning the Proposition of the Missionary to sell it to the King or the second Lessee.
The Papers No. 1, 2 & 3 induce me to imagine, that as the Posts were first managed by the Indian Companies & afterwards by the King himself, and (as may naturally be conceived) were in good condition when the King thought proper to lease them out to individuals about the year 1733 ; when the Interests of the India Company in this Country were taken by the French King into His own hands, those Interests were leased by him to the Fermiers Generaux (in France) for a term which expired in 1733. The Farmers General had deputed a Gentleman to manage their concerns here, and upon the

p. 3228

determination of their Lease the same Gentleman was continued on the part of the King to direct and manage his Domaine. He remained in the Direction till the year 1741, when a Lease was granted to him of the Posts in question (I am not informed for what term of years) but that Gentleman dying in 1749, or perhaps his lease expiring then, a new Lease was granted to Madam Fornel for six years. There was an Inventory made out, which perhaps contained an Estimation likewise, of all the Chattels or moveable property at the different Posts, together with a correct state of the buildings perhaps estimated likewise, to be annexed to the Lease ; and that the first Lessee stipulated to Surrender them all to the King at the expiration of his Lease in the same state and Condition, or make good the deficiency in Money ; but that when a new Lease was granted it was thought proper by the Intendant, probably at the instance of the Comptroller of the Marine, to verify the state of the Posts, by ordering new Inventories to be made out ; and upon comparing the old Inventories with the new ones, to ascertain the necessary Ameliorations which might have been made (perhaps under express stipulations in the original lease, or by the subsequent Order or consent of the Crown) at the Posts. And that the same mode was pursued in 1750 after the lease had been granted to Madam Fornel ; as well as in 1755 when at the expiration of her Lease, the King thought fit to resume the Management of the Posts.


No. 1243



“ J'ai l'honneur de repondre a la lettre que vous m'avés ecritte le 14 juin der concernant la ferme de Tadoussac. Conformement aux ordres dont vous m'avés honoré a l'occasion du traitté que j'ai passé l'année derniere a la veuve fornel et compagnie pour la ferme pendant six années des traittes de tadoussac . . . .


I have the honour to reply to the letter you wrote to me on 14 June last concerning the Ferme de Tadoussac. In accordance with the instructions you honoured me with on the occasion of the agreement concluded by me last year with the Veuve et Cie. in connection with the leasing of the Traité de Tadoussac for six years. . . . .

p. 3229

“J'ai informé, monseigneur, ces nouveaux fermiers que je resillois ce traitté et quils éussent a prendre en consequence leurs arrangements. ils ont été surpris de cette rupture, et ils m'ont representé qu'ils étoient ruinés, si je ne leur continuois pas cette ferme, attendu le peu de pelleterie et d'huille qu'il y avoit eu cette année dans des postes et que je savois etre general dans tout le bas du fleuve, et vu les avances considerables qu'ils avoient fait dont ils ne pouvoient se dedomager que par quelques bonnes années.
“Ils me prieront de ne pas trouver mauvais qu'ils me presentassent un memoire a ce sujet. j'ai l'honneur de vous l'adresser cy joint avec leur compte.
“A la vue des pretentions qui y sont deduites pour les indemniser des avances qu'ils exposent avoir faites pour le's mêtre en état d'exploiter ces postes, j'ai pris le parti de surseoir jusqu'a l'année prochaine l'adjudication d'un nouveau bail, et de leurs laisser pour cette année cette traitte en qualité de regisseurs Seulement, en attendant vôtre decision sur la façon dont vous voudrés avoir la bonté de les traitter, ou sur la continuation de leur ferme, si vous la jugés plus avantageuse a Sa Majesté que de la renouveller en les indemnisant.
“Il est mortifiant pour moi, Monseigneur, que vous m'ayées doné le desagrement de rompre un traitté que j'avois passé par devant notaire. il y a apparence que je n'ai pas vôtre confiance, ce qui m'aflige infiniment, je n'ai pas l'honeur d'etre conu de vous.

voulussent les doner a ce prix, il est de la derniere consequence de retenir les Sauvages des terres par le bon marché et de les empecher d'aller a la baye


Monseigneur, I have advised these new lessees that I have cancelled this agreement and that they are to govern themselves accordingly. They were astonished at such a rupture and represented to me that they were ruined unless I continued this lease, inasmuch as little fur and oil had been obtained this year in some posts—a condition which I was aware was general throughout the lower part of the river—and seeing the large advances made by them and for which they could only be indemnified by a few successful years.
They requested that I would not consider it improper for them to submit a memoir on this subject. I have the honour to enclose same herewith along with their account.
After examining the claim set forth therein, urging that they be indemnified for the advances which they claim to have made in order to enable them to operate these posts, I have decided to defer until next year the adjudication of a new lease, and, for this year, to leave them this trade as overseers only, pending your decision as to the manner in which you may have the kindness to deal with them, or on the continuation of their lease, should you deem the same more profitable to His Majesty than renewing it or indemnifying them.
Monseigneur, that you mortified me by revoking an agreement I had passed before notaries, is humiliating for me ; it seems as though I do not enjoy your confidence, and what I am infinitely grieved at is that I have not the honour of being known by you.
It is of the utmost importance that the Indians of the interior be retained by low prices and prevented from going to Hudson bay where some have already gone. Monseigneur, do not feel, I

p. 3230

dhudson ou il y en a deja passé. ne croyés pas je vous suplie, Monseigneur, que ce soit la peine que j'ai de voir un traitté que j'ai passé resillé qui me fait parler en faveur du dernier fermier, je ne suis ocupé que du menagement des deniers du roy a qui il en couteroit pour en placer un autre et de l'interest du poste qui est entre les mains dhonetes gens, ils meritent dailleurs de ma part quelque attention par raport a l'établissement de la baye des eskimaux qui doit étre reunie au domaine dans onze ans. ils y ont perdu cette année 12 a 15 m´´ les hommes qu'ils y avoient envoyés n'ayant pu y entrer et ayant pensé perir dans les glaces. je les ai averti que s'ils y attiroient des Sauvages du domaine, ils seroient déchus de cette concession ; je ne crois pas qu'ils le fassent. leur seule vue est d'en attirer de la baye dhudson et de commercer avec les eskimaux.
Vraie copie.

Québec, 30 avril 1921,


Assistant-régistraire provincial.

Archives de la Province
de Quebec.
Archives de la Province
de Quebec.
Pierre-Georges Roy
Copié par L.M.
Collationné par G.H.,
Date 25/4/21


entreat you, that it is the regret of seeing an agreement concluded by me revoked that induces me to speak in favour of the last lessee ; I was only concerned with the careful handling of the monies of the King who would be put to some expense in negotiating another lease and with the interests of the post which is in the hands of honest people. Besides, they are entitled to some consideration on my part on account of the establishment of the Baye-des-Eskimaux which is to be reunited to the Domaine in eleven years. They have lost at this place this year from 12,000 to 15,000 livres ; the men they sent there were unable to reach the place and nearly perished in the ice. I warned them that, should they attract there the Indians of the Domaine, they would lose this concession ; I do not think they will do so, their only object being to attract some from Hudson bay and to trade with the Eskimo.


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