p. 2958

No. 1145.

(Enclosure 3 in No. 1142.)


L 294 of 1871.

St. Germain de Rimouski
January 21st, 1871.
(Montagnais Indians of Moisie and Seven Islands).
*            *             *             *
These Indians spend the winter in the woods hunting and gathering furs for trade.

From the high-lands a certain number of Naskapis Indians come also to receive religious and civil instruction from the Missionaries who though residing in Bersimis, attend these Missions at fixed dates. They also show themselves zealous in learning to read and to write, under the care of the priests who volunteer their services and receive no renumeration but the free offerings of these poor people.
*            *             *             *
Vicar General.
To the Honorable JOSEPH HOWE,
Secretary of State for Prov.,


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