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that, the time has arrived when the Company should extend their operations into the interior country between Eastmain and Labrador, and in the direction of Ungava, in order to prevent strangers making a footing there. Our former experience of Ungava indisposes me from sanctioning any but a gradual and cautious occupation of that district again. But I presume a better knowledge of the country, its resources, physical characteristics, etc., is now possessed than when we formerly went there.
The protection of our trade has already rendered necessary stations to the Northward of our old posts, at Indian Harbour and Nain; and some further means would appear necessary, now, to prevent inland Indians visiting the Labrador Coast, whereby losing the greater part of the year in travelling, and exposing themselves to the temptations and sickness to be met with at the settlements. This object might be gained, by a well situated inland post, beyond Indian Harbour and Nain; and thus by cautious' advances we might re-occupy the valuable marten grounds of Ungava. I should be glad to hear from you on this matter also more fully.
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Montreal, 29th December, 1862.
. . . “It has already been arranged that Mr. Thomas Hardisty, Appce. Clerk at present temporarily employed here, shall be sent, by the first conveyance that may offer, to Esquimaux Bay at the request of C. F. Smith. I daresay we could spare another clerk in spring from this Department; but, as we have very few that can be considered efficient, I should hesitate about sending, to so remote a district as Esquimaux Bay, any one who did not give perfect satisfaction here; where they can be so easily discharged or exchanged.
If the Board determines on sending the Esquimaux Bay outfit via Canada this ensuing spring, it might be desirable to advise Mr. Smith thereof in a advance; and by the same conveyance, the necessary instructions might be given to him respecting the new posts. This is practicable, by means of an overland express from Mingan; but I shall not incur the expense of such an express, except by orders from the Board.
I duly note your very judicious remarks as to avoiding grounds of jealousy on the part of Protestant Missionaries, by securing the support of the Roman Catholics. Fortunately in the case in point, no conflict of creeds need be apprehended, as the Roman Catholics at present hold that rather unpromising field entirely to themselves....”


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