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No. 1126.


Lachine, 26th April 1853.
. . . . “I should be glad to learn you have arrived at some understanding with the Moravians, whereby in consideration of the Companys good offices in extending their missions in the direction of Esquimaux Bay, they should relinquish their trading operations to us. It is evident we must extend our posts in a Northerly direction along the Coast, in order to protect the interior trade from the encroachments being made upon it by Hunts people from that quarter; but before coming so close upon the Moravian Settlements, it would be advisable to have established a friendly understanding with them. I shall be glad to hear further from you on these matters.
I have consented to assist the Roman Catholic Priest in his Missionary tour to the Nascopies and thence to the Labrador Coast, from a variety of reasons. First we could not prevent his going if so disposed; secondly, it would have been a very impolitic thing to have thwarted the plans of the R.C. Bishop of Quebec, who would have found means to retaliate on the Company and thirdly, as the Nascopies are so bent on seeing a Priest that they come out to the St. Lawrence for that purpose, it is better to meet their wishes in the hope that they may rest quietly at their hunting grounds, instead of wasting their time in travelling to the Mission at Mingan etc.
With regard to the Bishop of Newfoundland you must be very civil and obliging in your reply to his communication; but be careful to bind the Company to nothing, in the shape of support to his missions, if established.—Hospitality, civility, interest in the cause he has at heart etc. is as much as you can promise....”


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