p. 2793

No. 1115.


Lachine, 20th April, 1837
Simon McGillivray, Esq.,
Dear Sir:—
With reference to a letter I had the pleasure of addressing you on the 20th ultimo upon the affairs of Esquimaux Bay, I beg to apprize you that in consequence of the indisposition of C. T. Cummings which renders it necessary to afford him leave of absence for the benefit of medical advice, C. F. Bewley has been appointed to the charge of Mingan, and that as the Transport Indian Trade and other arrangements of that District are closely connected with those of Esquimaux Bay, it is considered advisable in many respects to unite those two Districts, and place them together under the same superintendence, and he is now about to proceed to Mingan by the Tadoussac schooner. That vessel is to return with as little delay as possible to Quebec for the Esquimaux Bay supplies, it is intended she shall be dispatched for Esquimaux Bay about the middle of June, and Mr. Bewley will either proceed thither through the Interior, or by the Tadoussac on her return from Quebec. I have handed to Mr. Bewley copy of all the correspondence that has passed between us, on the affairs of Esquimaux Bay, by which he is made acquainted with the views of the Governor and Committee in establishing that District, and I have to beg you will afford that Gentleman every information in your power connected with the business under your management and act in all matters and things in reference thereto, as he may direct.


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