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No. 1103.


Quebec, 6th June, 1786.

In answer to your Memorial which I received this morning regarding the Posts commonly called the Kings Posts whereof you are now Lessees under a Lease which will expire on the 30th of September next, I must acquaint you, that His Majesty's Commands signified to me by the Right Hon'ble Lord Sydney, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State to grant a new lease of the said Posts to Messrs. Alexander and George Davison and Francois Baby to commence from the 1st of October next, are positive and explicit and must be obeyed.
The circumstances you represent shall nevertheless meet with due attention.
The regrets of the Indians with whom by virtue of your Lease, you have been connected, at losing the good offices they have so long experienced from your friendship and care, are natural, and I doubt not perfectly just, these cannot however, you must be sensible prove a bar against a new lease to the other persons to whom His Majesty has been pleased to order the same to be granted, who enjoying this mark of the Royal favor must be bound by every tie to treat favourably the Indians thus entrusted in some measure to their protection, and it shall be my business to state to them in the strongest terms the force of this obligation.
I am not at this moment sufficiently informed on the nature of the Lease in question to give a definitive answer to your claim on the new Lessees for reimbursement of your expenditures in buildings, &c. and for payment of the debts due to you—but you may rest assured that your rights in these matters shall be maturely considered, and that justice shall be rendered to you therein.
I am with regard, Gentlemen,
Your most obedient, humble Servent,
A true copy(Signed) HENRY HOPE.
Henry Hope.
Thos. Dunn, Wm. Grant & Peter Stuart Esqrs. Lessees of the Kings Posts.


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