p. 2315

No. 994.


IN THE MATTER OF the Enquiry into New-
foundland Territorial Rights on the Labrador.

District of Labrador, Nain, to wit :

I, WILLIAM FORD, of Black Island aforesaid, make oath and say as follows :—

I am 65 years of age and reside at Black Island. I have been residing on the Coast all my lifetime. My father came from Devonshire, England. He came here at the age of about 16, and lived at Paul's Island most of his life. He has been dead over 30 years. Sometimes he visited England and came out again. He fished, trapped and hunted on the Coast, and had five or six English servants. He used to go into the interior about 150 miles trading with the Indians. I often went hunting for my father during his lifetime. I have been inland over 150 miles hunting deer. I have always recognized the Newfoundland Government and Newfoundland Laws, and have always obeyed them as far as I know. I purchase my provisions and necessaries of life, sometimes from the Mission Stores, sometimes from the traders, sometimes from the Hudson Bay Co. stores. I remember when the Newfoundland revenue cruiser was on the Coast. I have never been interfered with in my rights as a fisherman, hunter and trapper, and nobody representing Canada ever came to me to claim any right, or to say that I was subject to their laws. I have never heard of any laws save those of Newfoundland. During my lifetime I have exercised the rights of citizen-ship on the Coast as a British subject and a citizen of Newfoundland under its laws and jurisdiction, and my father did before me.

SWORN before me at Black Island aforesaid,
this 24th day of August A.D. 1909. Havings
been first read over and explained.

(Sgd)F. J. MORRIS,
Judge of the Court of Labrador.



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