p. 2314

No. 993.


IN THE MATTER OF the Enquiry into New-
foundland Territorial Rights on the Labrador.

District of Labrador, Nain, to wit :

I, CHRISTIAM SCHMIDT, at present of Nain aforesaid, Trade Superintendent of the Unitas Fratram Mission Store, make oath and say as follows : —

1. I have been resident in Nain for the past 19 years, and am well acquainted with the habits and customs of the Esquimeaux and natives of the Labrador, some of whom, in winter-time, go as far as three hundred miles into the interior for the purpose of hunting, trapping, &c.

2. As far as I know the natives have always obeyed the laws of Newfoundland, and have always considered themselves to be under Newfoundland Jurisdiction.

3. We have never paid duties to any Canadian authorities and have never been required to do so. We have been exempted from duties by the Government of Newfoundland. So far as I know, the Government of the Dominion of Canada or the Province of Quebec have never made any attempt to claim jurisdiction on this portion of Labrador.

4. Two years ago, when in conversation with Captain Bernier, an Official of the Canadian Government, and Mr. Duncan, a Customs Officer, they stated that “ they were willing enough to enforce Canadian laws on the Ungava side of the Bay, but they did not wish to interfere with anything on the Labrador Coast.”


SWORN before me at Nain aforesaid, this
17th day of August A.D. 1909,
(Sgd)F. J. MORRIS,
Judge of the Court of Labrador.



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