p. 2307

No. 985.

Downing Street,
5 December 1874.
I am directed by the Earl of Carnarvon to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 1st inst. enclosing a copy of a despatch from the British Minister at Washington respecting a complaint made to him by a firm of American Merchants at Boston of their having been called upon to pay import duty on a shipment of Salmon from the Coast of Labrador.
In reply I am to request that you will call the Earl of Derby's attention to the letter from this office of the 26th Novr. in which Lord Carnarvon expressed his opinion that as the whole of Labrador belongs either to Newfoundland or to Canada the produce of the fisheries of that region are entitled to be admitted free of duty into the United States under the Treaty of Washington.
Lord Carnarvon will be glad to be informed whether Lord Derby concurs in this opinion, and also of any steps he may have taken for obtaining a settlement of the question now in dispute with the United States Government.
I am, &c.,

(sd)K. H. MEADE.
The Under Secretary of State
Foreign Office.



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