p. 2272N

No. 963.

[Enclosure 2 in No. 961.]



Esquimaux Bay, 25th August, 1843.

I am happy in being able to inform your Excellency that though many unforseen and unexpected incidents took place in the quarter during the past year, the result of Trade for the year has more than kept pace with that of former years, at least at Nascopie, where the martens in particular have been on the increase, and I doubt not will in a great measure be attributed to the increased number of Indians attached to that Fort during the past year, and which I mentioned in my last as having come from the Eastmain quarter. As I then anticipated, these have done little or nothing in the way of hunting Fur, the sum of their collective fur hunts, being 62 Martens, 3 Beavers, 12 Otters with a very small variety of other fur. During the early part of last season these Indians occupied the barren parts of the Country, but towards spring moved towards the more wooded parts which they say they were too late in reaching, and hence the poorness of their hunts, in order however that they may be able to direct their steps in time to the proper quarter this year, they promised to occupy the summer in examining the various parts of the wooded country lying between Forts Chimo and Nascopie, that being intended as the field of their next winter's operations, that being the only tract of country in which the few Beaver inhabiting the Ungava Country are said more frequently to be found. A post is to be established for their convenience midway between the above named posts, but though they have been told so, it has not had the smallest effect in preventing their unanimously giving this as their last word that next spring they will return to their own Country, having found this part of it much poorer than it appears to have been represented. I have and shall continue to do all that lies in my humble power to induce these Indians to remain, but after all I fear they will follow up their resolution to return.



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