The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume V


Concerning Fishery in Scotland refer to 13 Geo. I. c. 30.

Act of the Third Session of Queen Anne in Scotland.

The use of Ports, Harbours, and Shores, allowed for landing nets, erecting Stages and Tents, and curing fish.

£100 Penalty, on demanding or taking such consideration money.

p. 2247C


No. 951.

IMPERIAL ACT 29 GEO. II. CAP. 23, 1756.


“ Whereas the extending and improving of the British Fishery is “of great Importance to this Kingdom, as it not only adds “considerably to the national Wealth, but is moreover a fruitful “Nursery of able Seamen for the publick Service ; And Whereas the “same is greatly obstructed by certain Restrictions, Exactions and “Regulations, to which the Fishers and Curers of Fish in North “Britain are subject, either by Custom or the Laws now in Force ; “And whereas it further appears that it would be very advantageous “to Trade in general, as well as to the Fishery, if the said Exactions “and Restrictions were taken off, and such new Regulations made, “as are more accommodated to the present Circumstances of both : “And whereas by an Act made in the third Session of the first “Parliament of the late Queen Anne, in Scotland intituled, An Act for “advancing and establishing the Fishing Trade in and about that “Kingdom, all her Majesty's Subjects of that Kingdom are “authorised and impowered to take and cure Herring and White “Fish, in all and sundry the Seas, Channels, Bays, Firths, Lochs, “Rivers and so forth, of that her Majesty's Kingdom and Islands “thereto belonging, wheresoever Herring or White Fish are or can “be taken ; and for their greater conveniency, to have the free Use “of all Ports, Harbours, Shores, Forelands and others, for bringing “in, pickling, drying, unloading and loading the same, upon Payment “of the ordinary. Dues where Harbours are built, that is, such as are “paid for Ships, Boats and other Goods ; and discharges all other “Exactions, such as one Night's fishing in the Week, commonly “called Saturday's Fishing, Top-money, Stallage, and the like :” And for the further explaining, enforcing and amending the said Law ;
II. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and every Person or Persons employed in the said Fishery, on the Coasts of that Part of Great Britain called Scotland, or on the said Coasts of Orkney, Shetland, or any of the said Islands, shall have and exercise the free Use of all Ports, Harbours, Shores and Forelands, in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland, or in Orkney, Shetland, or any of the said Islands, below the highest

p. 2248

High Water Mark, and for the Space of one hundred Yards on any Waste or uncultivated Land, beyond such Mark, within the Land, for landing their Nets, Casks, and other Materials, Utensils and Stores, and for erecting Tents, Huts and Stages, and for the landing, pickling, curing, drying, and reloading their Fish, without paying any Foreland or other Dues, or any other Sum or Sums of Money, or other Consideration whatsoever, for such Liberty, except as hereafter excepted ; any Law, Statute or Custom whatsoever to the contrary notwithstanding : And if any Person or Persons shall presume to demand or receive any Dues, Sums of Money, or other Consideration what-soever, for the Use of any such Ports, Harbours, Shores or Forelands, within the Limits aforesaid, so made Use of for the Purposes aforesaid, or shall presume to obstruct the Fishermen or other Persons employed in the taking, buying, or curing of Fish in the Use of the same, every Person so offending shall, for every such Offence, forfeit the Sum of one hundred Pounds Sterling, to be recovered in Manner herein after directed.



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