The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume V

[10 Feby.,


Order approving Commee Report upon the Petition of Messrs Price and Knutton Merchants praying for a Grant of Lands near Cape Gaspee in this province.


p. 2233C


No. 945.


10 FEBRUARY, 1764.

P.C. 2, VOL. 110, p. 256.

Whereas the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations have represented to His Majesty at this Board that a Memorial has been presented to them by Benjamin Price and William Knutton of Quebec Merchants, praying that a Grant may be made to the Memorialists of a Tract of Land in His Majesty's Province of Quebec between the River Aclaude and Gaspée Cape, with a View to the carrying on a Fishery there, and employing the Persons whom they intend to settle in several useful Works, which Request the said Lords Commissioners apprehend will be for His Majesty's Service to comply with. His Majesty this day took the said Representation together with a Report made thereupon by a Committee of the Lords of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council into His Royal Consideration, and being inclined to give all fitting Encouragement for the settling of Lands in the said Province, Is hereby pleased with the Advice of His Privy Council to order that the Governor or Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Province of Quebec for the time being do cause a Survey to be made, and a Township, consisting of Twenty thousand Acres to be laid out in a proper and convenient Situation between the said River Aclaude and *Caspee Cape, and to grant the said Township to the Memorialists Benjamin Price and Wm. Knutton under the Seal of the said Province upon the following Terms, Reservations and Conditions, Vizt.

First—That the Grantees be obliged to settle the said Township with Protestant Inhabitants with Ten Years from the Date of the Grant in the Proportion of one Person to every hundred Acres.

Secondly—That if One third of the Township be not settled with Protestant Inhabitants in the above mentioned Proportion within three Years from the Date of the Grant, the whole to be void.

Thirdly—That all such Parts of the Land as shall not be settled with Protestant Inhabitants in the said Proportion at the Expiration of ten Years from the Date of the Grant do revert to the Crown.

p. 2234

Fourthly—That the Grantees do pay an Annual Quit Rent to the Crown of Two Shillings Sterling for every hundred Acres contained in the Grant, to commence at the Expiration of Ten Years from the Date thereof.

Fifthly—That there be Reservations in the Grant of all such Parts as the Person legally appointed to survey the said Lands shall report and mark out in a Map to be annexed to his Report, as proper for Erecting Fortifications for Publick Quays, Roads and all other Publick Uses whatsoever.

Sixthly—That there be a Reservation to the Crown of all Mines of Gold and Silver.

Seventhly—That after the Expiration of three Years from the Date of the Grant, the Grantees be obliged to Plant and cultivate annually Six Acres of Land with Hemp or Flax.

Eightly—That One hundred Yards in Breadth above High Water Mark along the Sea Coast be reserved to the Crown for the use and Benefit of all His Majesty's Subjects.

And the Governor or Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Province of Quebec for the time being, and all others whom it may concern, are required to carry His Majesty's Commands hereby Signified into Execution.



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