The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume V

[5 June, 1764.]

Representation to His Majesty with a List of Several persons for Grants of Lands in Nova Scotia.

p. 2215C

No. 936.


5 JUNE, 1764.

B.T.N.S., VOL. 37, p. 422.

To the King's Most Excellent Majesty.

May it please Your Majesty.
We humbly beg leave to lay before your Majesty a List of the names of Several Persons, who, having intention to Make Settlements in the Continental part of your Majesty's Colony of Nova Scotia in America, have requested grants of Lands there, in greater quantities, and upon different Terms and conditions, than those upon which your Majesty's Governor is impowered, by his Commission & Instructions, to make such Grants ; and as it appears to us, upon a consideration of these proposals, that such undertakings will be of advantage to your Majesty's Province, and promote the speedy Settlement thereof ; We humbly beg leave to propose, that your Majesty's Orders may be given to the Governor of Nova Scotia, immediately upon the said orders being presented to him, to cause the quantities of Land petitioned for by each Person respectively, (which Quantity is specified in the List hereunto annexed) to be Surveyed in one contiguous Tract ; and conformable to the direction of your Majesty's Instructions with regard to the manner of laying out grants of Land in such parts, on the continent, of the said Province as the Proponents, or their Attorneys shall choose, not already granted or Surveyed to others, and not possessed or claimed by the Indians ; and upon a return of such Survey, conformable to your Majesty's directions in your General Instructions, to pass grants for the same under the Seal of the Province, upon the following Terms, Conditions and reservations, vizt :

That the grantees do settle the Lands with Protestant Inhabitants within ten years from the date of the grant in the Proportion of one person for every two hundred Acres, in failure whereof the Land to revert to your Majesty, your Heirs and Successors.

That an annual Quit Rent of one Farthing acre be reserved to your Majesty, your Heirs and Successors, payable on the Feast of St. Michael in every year, one half of which to commence and become payable on the said Feast of St. Michael, which shall first happen after the Expiration of five years from the date of the grant ; and to be payable on every ensuing Feast of St.

p. 2216

Michael, or within fourteen days after, and the whole to become payable in like manner at the expiration of 10 years ;

That there be a reservation in all such grants to your Majesty, your Heirs and Successors, of all those parts of the Land, which the Surveyor shall, upon the return of the Survey, report to be proper for erecting Fortifications, publick Wharffs, and naval yards, or for other Military purposes, and a reservation of an entire liberty to all your Majesty's Subjects to fish upon the Coasts of each Tract granted where such Tract abuts upon the Sea Shore ;

That there be a reservation to your Majesty, yours Heirs and Successors of all mines of Gold, Silver and Coals.

That there be a reservation to your Majesty, your Heirs and Successors of all mines of Gold, Silver and Coals. That if any part of the Land shall appear by the Surveyor's report to be well adapted to the growth of Hemp or Flax, it shall be a condition of the grant that the grantee shall Sow, and continue annually to cultivate a due proportion of the Land, not less than one rood in every thousand Acres, with that beneficial Article of produce.

Which is most humbly Submitted.


June 15th 1763.

Thomas Pownall Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
John Tucker Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Rd Jackson Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
John Mitchell Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Thomas Thoroton Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Richard Oswald Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Levett Blackbourn Esqr. . .. .. .20,000
Samuel Holland Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Joseph Peach Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Benjn. Hollowell Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Michael Franklin Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Joseph Pornette Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
George Adam Gucelin Esqr. . .. .. .20,000
Joseph Frederick Wallet Desbarres Esqr. . .20,000
Richard Bulkely Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
John Henniker Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000

p. 2217

John Major Esqr . . .. .. .. .20,000
Humphry Bradstreet Esqr. . .. .. .5,000
Richard Byron Esqr. . .. .. .. .10,000
Alexander Hay Esqr. . .. .. .. .5,000
Joseph Gorham Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Richard Spry Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Godhard Hagen Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
John Fisher Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
John Wentworth Esqr. . .. .. .. .20,000
Richard Wright Esqr. . .. .. .. .10,000



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