The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume V

[15 Dec., 1763.]

Representation to His Majesty upon a petition of the Sieur de Stumpel upon a petition for a grant of Lands.

p. 2211C


No. 934.


15 DECEMBER, 1763.

B.T.N.S., VOL. 37.

To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. :—

May it Please your Majesty.

In obedience to your Majesty's commands signified to us in your Majesty's Order in Council of the 4th of last month we have reconsidered the Representation made to your Majesty by this Board on the 30th of August last upon the petition of the Sieur de Stumpel, an officer in the Hanoverian Service, praying for a Grant of 20,000 Acres of Land upon St Johns River in Nova Scotia, and all tho' we think, that the making such a Settlement, as he proposes may be of advantage to the Publick, yet it does not appear to us, upon a further Enquiry that he is of Sufficient Ability either from his circumstances or the number of people he has actually engaged to undertake the Settlement of so extensive a Tract as 200,000 Acres of Land, and therefore that it would not be adviseable or expedient for the present to grant to him so large a quantity of Land to the exclusion of others whom the Advantages of that part of America, might induce to undertake Settlements there.
In conformity to this opinion, the Petitioner has reduced his proposall as to the quantity of Lands to 20,000 Acres, which he desires may be laid out into a Township and granted to him, either upon the River St. John, or in such part of the Country between that River and the River St. Croix, as he shall find most advantageous and best adapted to the object he has in view ; and as we find upon further Enquiry, that there are now actually in London Forty five Families amounting to 128 Persons ; foreign Protestants of various Countries, who are engaged to settle under the Protection of this Gentleman, we see no objection to complying with his request, and therefore humbly propose to your Majesty, that an Instruction may be given to your Majesty's Governor of Nova Scotia, to direct a survey to be made of a Tract of 20,000 Acres on the said River St John or between that and the River St Croix in such a Situation as the Petitioner shall choose (taking care that it shall not be upon any Lands occupied by the Indians or used as their hunting

p. 2212

grounds) and to grant the same to the Petitioner under the seal of the Province upon the following Terms and Conditions :

That the Grantee shall be obliged to settle the Township with Protestant Inhabitants within ten years from the Date of the grant, in the proportion of one person for every hundred Acres.

That if one third of the Township is not settled with Protestant Inhabitants in the above mentioned proportion, within three years, from the date of the Grant, the whole shall be void.

That all such parts of the Lands, as are not settled with Protestant Inhabitants in the said Proportion at the Expiration of ten years from the date of the Grant shall revert to your Majesty.

That the grantee shall pay an annual Quit Rent to the Crown of 2s Sterling, for every hundred Acres. Contained in the grant the Payment of such Quit Rent not to commence untill the Expiration of ten years from the Date of the grant.

That there be a Reservation in the grant, of all such spots, as the person legally appointed to survey the Lands previous to the grant, shall report, and mark out in a map to be annexed to such Report as proper for erecting Fortifications for publick Quays, Beach for the Fishery, Roads and all other publick uses whatever.

That there be a Reservation to your Majesty of all mines of Gold and Silver.

That after the Expiration of 3 years from the Date of the grant the grantee be obliged to plant and continue to cultivate 6 Acres of Land, with Hemp and Flax.

Which is most humbly Submitted


Decr 15th, 1763.



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