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The undersigned Commissioners, who have been appointed by the Governments of Great Britain and France in order to find means, without touching the Treaties at present in force, which it is not their duty either to modify or to interpret, of preventing and regulating disputes relative to the exercise of the fishery on the coasts of Newfoundland, have framed in concert the following Regulations, subject to the approval of their respective Governments :—


The Government of Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland engages to comply with the following Regulations for securing to French fishermen, in execution of the Treaties in force, and particularly of the Declaration of 1783, the free exercise of their industry on the coasts of Newfoundland without any interference or obstruction whatever on the part of British subjects.


The Government of the French Republic engages, on its part, in exchange for the security accorded to French fishermen by the application of the Regulations contained in the present Arrangement, not to raise any objections against the formation of establishments necessary for the development of every industry other than that of the fisheries on those portions of the coasts of Newfoundland comprised between Cape St. John and Cape Ray which are tinted in red on the Map hereto annexed, and which do not appear in the Statement also annexed describing the portions of the coast to which the present paragraph does not apply.
It engages equally not to disturb the resident British subjects in respect of the establishments actually existing on those parts of the coast comprised between Cape St. John and Cape Ray passing by the north, but no new

1 This arrangement was not accepted by the Government of Newfoundland which passed resolutions declining to assent to it on May 4, 1887.
2 Reproduced from Comm. Pap., France, No. 1 (1890) Correspondence respecting the Newfoundland Fisheries, 1884-1890.

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ones will be established on those parts of the coast described in the Statement mentioned in the preceding paragraph.



The French Government abandons for its subjects the salmon fisheries in rivers up to the point where the water remains salt, but it is forbidden to place fixed barriers capable of impeding interior navigation or the circulation of the fish.


Statement annexed to the Arrangement of the 14th November, 1885, respecting the Newfoundland Fisheries, in execution of Article II of the said Arrangement.


(From Cape Ray to Cape Norman.)

1. COD ROY Island. On the mainland opposite, that portion of the coast situated between the two perpendicular lines drawn from the extremities of the island in the general direction of the coast :

2. Red Island ;

3. That portion of the coast situated between Cape Cormoran and the west point of Pic Denis Harbour in the Bay of Port-à-Port on the west ;

4. The small islands situated in the Bay of Port-à-Port, together with those which close it on the north ;

5. That portion of the coast situated between Bear Cove (“l'Anse-à-l'Ours”) and the foot of the Mountain Blow-me-down ;

6. Governor's Island, the Islands of Guernsey, Tweed, the two Shags, the Pearl, and Green Island ;

7. That portion of the coast which borders the Harbour des Roches ;

8. Stearing Island and the adjacent coast from the latitude of the northern point of Stearing Island to the foot of a perpendicular line drawn down from Cape Pointu on the coast, following the sinuosities of the Peninsula of Cow Head (“la Tête de Vache”) ;

9. That portion of the coast comprised between a point situated at a distance of 3 miles to the south of the mouth of the River Ponds and the

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latitude of the northern part of Savage Island following the sinuosities of the Peninsula of Port-au-Choix ;

10. All those islands situated within the Bay of St. John ;

11. That portion of the coast situated between Castor Point (at the southern entrance of the bay) and the northern point of the entrance of Savage Cove (Anse aux Sauvages) ;


11. That portion of the coast situated between Cape Partridge and the parallel of the southern point of the group of islands of Pot d'Etain (Coachman's Cove);

12. That portion of the coast situated on the east side of the Bay of Pines, and stretching from the 50th degree of latitude to the north point of that part of the bay ;

13. Those small islands situated on the coast between the harbour of Fleur de Lys and Cape St. John, which the exception of Horse Islands (Les Isles Ste. Barbe) ;

14. That portion of the coast following the sinuosities of Paquet Harbour ;

15. That portion of the coast situated between Cape Cagnet on the west and the east entrance of the Harbour of Scie.

The prohibition to erect new establishments on those portions of the coast mentioned in the present statement shall be applicable to a distance inland of 500 yards with regard to paragraphs numbered 7, 8, and 9 on the west coast, and to a distance of 800 yards with regard to all the other paragraphs, following the sinuosities of the coast.

It is understood that the distances of 500 and 800 yards are to be reckoned from high-water mark.

Done at Paris, in duplicate, the 14th November, 1885.


[Litho Map follows as p. 2210A



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