p. 2107C

No. 887.

21 July, 1852.

“Sir A. Perrier will therefore submit to Her Majesty's Government. the expediency of his making a counter proposal embodying all the conditions contained in Lord Aberdeen's instructions of March 14, 1846. He will also suggest that he be instructed to hold out (in the event of refusal to entertain the English proposal, or of the French Government insisting upon the removal of British settlers within the French limits) that Her Majesty's Government will enforce the strict observance of all the stipulations of the several treaties which concede to France a temporary right of fishery upon certain parts of the coast of Newfoundland ; that the French will be restricted from fishing, curing and drying, and to board Stages and Huts necessary for these purposes, that they will be prevented taking Salmon† or any other fish, in any part of the rivers, streams, or other water not bona fide on the coast.”‡

* Copied from Appendix to Journal of Legislative Assembly of Newfoundland, pp. 194-195.
† In the last degree for apportioning the Fishery stations on the coast of Newfoundland the French have provided for allotment of the Salmon fisheries. This is an encroachment never before attempted.
‡ Coast.—The edge or margin of the Land next the sea ; the shore. It is not used for the Banks of less waters (Johnson's folio dictionary.)



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