p. 1995

No. 824.


BY  GEORGE  ALLAN  ENGLAND,  PUBLISHED  IN  The  Saturday  Evening  Post  (PHILADELPHIA,  OCTOBER 28, 1922), p. 6.

“ C-o-d” is the proper abbreviation for “ Newfoundland.”  Cod is the life of the island.  You don't need a chart or compass to find Newfoundland.  All you need is a good nose.  I could enlarge considerably on this topic, especially where cod-liver oil is made ;  but let it pass.  Newfoundland lives and moves and has its being in cod.  It’s of the fish, fishy.
Its manners, customs, lore, traditions, laws, language all revolve about cod.  The Land of Cod, Fog and Dogs, it has been called.  To-day the Newfoundland dog is in abeyance, for the introduction of sheep has largely banished him, as he's too fond of mutton.  Fog isn’t a commercial proposition, even though some Newfoundlanders claim they can quarry their kind of fog and build with it.  So cod is left as the mainstay of the island.  George V. is nominally monarch, but the real ruler is King Cod.
You’ll never know just what cod can be till you visit the Newfoundland outports.  Since I got back from there I haven’t rightly dared look a codfish in the face.  But the people themselves never talk about cod.  They always call it fish.  In an outport boarding house I once heard an old sea dog exclaim : “ If ye ain’t got fish, gal, gi’ us halibut.”



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