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No. 804.


By His Excellency Sir Richard     Goodwin Keats, Knight of the Bath,     Vice-Admiral of the Blue, Goveror     and Commander-in-Chief in and     over the Island of Newfoundland,     &c., &c.

        WHEREAS I am authorised to grant Lands in small portions to Industrious Individuals for the purpose of Cultivation. And it being expedient to carry this measure into effect with as little delay as circumstances will permit, and to portion the Disposable Lands in the vicinity of the Town of St. John's in the first place, and being desirous of obviating impediment to the immediate appropriation of such Lands in this Neighbourhood ; I do therefore call upon all persons claiming or possessing Lands (or their Agents) which are situated without the Town of Saint John's, and

        To the Northward of the Road from Quidi Vidi to Fort Townshend passing over the King's Bridge.
        To the Northward and Westward of the Road which leaves Best's Farm on the left, from Fort Townshend to Monday's Pond.
        To the Northward, Westward, or Southward within four miles of the Riverhead; also
        On the South Side of the Harbour and Riverhead more than Two Hundred yards from the water side

to make returns of such property or possession to the Office of the Secretary to the Governor, Philip Cateret Le Geyt, Esquire, on or before the first day of August next ensuing, specifying particulars agreeable to a form which may be had at the Secretary's Office. And it is desirable where it can be effected, that a plan or sketch, descriptive of the property, should accompany the return.

Given under my Hand at Fort Townshed,   
Sain John's, this 17th day of June, 1813.
(Signed)  R. G. KEATS.     
By Command of His Excellency,
                    P. C. Le Geyt.
October 1812 to October 1813.
Pages 282 and 283.



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