p. 1881

resident in the Island, to act in his Place during the Remainder of such Fishing Season.

        THIRDLY, That the said Judge be paid a proper Salary for the Discharge of the Duties of his Office.

        FOURTHLY, That he be expressly enjoined in his Commission not to take any Fee or Gratuity whatever for any Judgment given or Business done in the said Court, upon Pain of losing his Office.

        FIFTHLY, That the Governor do appoint the Persons who are to be Assessors to the said Judge out of Persons who have no Concern in carrying on the said Fishery.

        SIXTHLY, That every Judgment passed by such Judge should be with the Concurrence of at least One of the said Assessors.

        SEVENTHLY, That no Person should be arrested for a Debt of less than Five Pounds.

        EIGHTHLY, That an Appeal be allowed from the said Court to Your Majesty in Council, in any Action where the Sum recovered exceeds £100 Sterling, provided such Appeal be made within 14 Days after Sentence.

        Besides the foregoing Alterations and Additions to the Plan for establishing a Court of Civil Judicature proposed by Your Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor General, the. Committee take Leave humbly to recommend to Your Majesty, that the said Judge be instructed to conduct the Business of the said Court, during the Height of the Fishing Season, in such Manner as to interrupt as little as possible the carrying on of the said Fishery.

        That it be recommended to Your Majesty's Governor, and the said Judge, to allow for the ensuing Season to the Assessors and Officers of the said Court such Fees only as are reasonable and moderate.

        And that they prepare, and be ready, when they return from Newfoundland at the End of the present Season, to lay before Your Majesty, for Your Majesty's Approbation, a Table of such moderate Fees as they may judge proper to be established in future.

        And that in order to afford Time to the said Judge to finish the Business of the Court in the Interval after the Height of the Fishing Season is over, and before the Departure of the Governor, the said Governor be instructed to continue on the Coast longer than has hitherto been practised, and as long as the Season will permit, consistent with the Safety of Your Majesty's Ships and Vessels.



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