The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume IV

[26 Feb. 1679-80.]



p. 1794                                   C

No. 745.


C.O. 391. VOL 3, p. 134.

At the Committee for Trade & Plantaons
In the Council-Chamber at Whitehall
The 26th of February 1679 / 80.

Lord President        Earl of Essex
Lord Privy Seale        Visct Fauconberg
Marquiss of Worcester        Mr Hide.
Earl of Bridgewater        Mr Secrry Coventry
Sr Leolin Jenkins.

        Vpon a further consideration of the business of Newfoundland, their Lops are of opinion That it is not convenient for the Governor to have any other influence or command over ye Seamen or ffishermen belonging to the Adventurers or Sackships than to secure them to send them on board to bee punished by / their respective Masters, when they shall commit any ryot or misdemeanor on shore.
        And that the ffishery may not receive any inconvenience from ye Planters, it is thought fit that they bee not permitted to keep any buildings, orchards or gardens which may give any disturbance to the ffishery within one quarter of a mile of the shore, other than such stages, Flakes, and rooms as are necessary for the catching and curing of ffish. And because it is thought necessary that some fortification bee erected and maintained in Newfoundland (as the french doe) for preservation of his Matie's Sovereignty, and security of the ffishing Trade, their Lops will Report, That St John's Harbour may bee first fortified, and that his Maty will bee pleased to allow some Guns and Ammunition for that service.



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