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No. 744.


CAL. STATE PAPERS AM. & W. I., 1677-1680, p. 490

         1306.   Journals of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Business of Newfoundland resumed (see ante, No. 1300). Agreed that it is undesirable for the Governor to have further power over the men belonging to the Adventurers or Sack ships than to send them on board to their masters ; also that Planters be forbidden to keep buildings, other than necessary for the fishery, orchards or gardens within a quarter of a mile of the shore, lest the fishery be thereby disturbed ; also that the fortification of St. John's be first undertaken and the King advised to grant guns and ammunition ; also that the mayors of each fishing port in England be directed to require the journals prescribed by the Western Charter of the Admirals of their respective harbours, all of the Admirals except one having failed to comply with this direction ; also that, in view of the abuses pointed out by Mr. Hinton (see below) circular letters be addressed to the mayors of the western towns directing them to take effectual care that the Western Charter be observed in all such particulars as are not superseded by the King's order, also that the Governor be instructed to report to the Council what has become of the great guns left by Sir David Kirke. In view of the effect of the intended regulations of the Newfoundland fishery upon the King's Customs, the Commissioners of Customs are desired to inspect the papers and report to the Lords of Trade and Plantations on Monday next, when Mr. Downing will be present to say on behalf of the inhabitants what contribution they will furnish for the maintenance of the Governor ; the captains of convoys are also directed to attend at the same time. Sir William Stapleton's letter containing his negotiation with the Count de Blenac read, and report thereon considered (see post, No. 1320).
(Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVI., pp. 134-138.)



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