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No. 743.


CAL. STATE PAPERS AM. & W. I., 1677-1680, p. 483

         1301.   Representation of the inhabitants of Newfoundland to Lords of Trade and Plantations. They have never in their former petitions designed the least prejudice to fishery or navigation they desire only the security of the King's property, the advancement of his Customs, and encouragement of the fishery in general. If the King do now make a full settlement of the country, they desire that their servants may be brought to them yearly by freight or hire, according to the practice of the fishing ships, but they conceive it necessary and for the good of all that, as by the violence of the Western Adventurers they have been forced to disperse to twenty different places, the King should reduce them to four, viz., Trinity Harbour, St. John's, Ferryland, and Trepassey, or such other harbours as the Lords may think fit. Thereby not only will the Colony be easily governed, but also enabled to oppose the French, provided St. John's, which is a place easily fortified, be one of the places assigned to them. The inhabitants are willing, for the greater satisfaction of the Western Adventurers, to contain themselves within their present number and possess only their existing stages, provided that their children, as in time they increase, be permitted to erect stages and get an honest livelihood by a trade which is so advantageous to the Kingdom. Signed, William Downing. 1 p. Endorsed. Read 21 Feb. and again 26 Feb. 1679-80. (Col. Papers, Vol. XLIV., No. 27.)



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