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CAL. STATE PAPERS AM. & W. I., 1677-1680, p. 480

         1294.   Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Business of Newfoundland, pursuant to Order in Council of 15th instant. Read, an account of the past history and present of the Colony, the Report presented to the King, 15th April 1675, and several reports made by the Convoys annually sent to the Colony, which their Lordships see no reason not to accept as true and authentic. The Western Charter confirmed and enlarged on the 20th January 1675 was examined. Agreed that the first article be put into execution and a more effectual way of judicature be found, whether by the convoys then present, or by such as the King shall appoint. Remaining articles of the preamble agreed to except the 10th, prohibiting the setting up of taverns, which was altered so as to enable the inhabitants to keep taverns and public houses, and leave it to masters of ships to see that their men do not debauch themselves. As to the added portion of the Charter, the following amendments were made :—3rd Article : To allow the planters to live as near the shore as they please. 4th Article : That the inhabitants shall retain possession of their stages, but build no more until the Adventurers be all arrived, after which they may erect new stages which they shall always possess ; and that no Planters or Adventurers meddle with the stages belonging to each other. 5th Article : To permit the inhabitants to hire servants in England and transport them to Newfoundland, though they be not of the ship's company or have no share therein.   6th Article : That no owner carry more than sixty persons per hundred tons.   8th Article : The order obliging fishing ships to stay till the 1st March is superseded ; agreed that the King be recommended to send one convoy at the first season to protect the ships bound to Newfoundland. Their Lordships also recommend that one Minister, or as many more as the inhabitants can maintain, be sent over by the next convoy, who are to go from place to place to baptize children, &c., and that the person to be commissioned by the King be ordered to visit the settlements yearly, and take care that the people do not go to the French, and keep an exact register of them and of their ships, to be furnished to the Council annually. (Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVI., pp. 122-127.)



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