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No. 738.



CAL. STATE PAPERS, AM. & W. I., 1675-1676, p. 439.

         1015.  Journal of the Lords of Trade and Plantations. Sir John Berry and Captain Davies attended to give account of the present condition of Newfoundland, with their opinions concerning the removal or encouragement of inhabitants there. Sir John Berry's letter of 12th September last again read (see ante, No. 666), and Sir John asserts all is true, and Captain Davies is of the same opinion for encouragement of a Colony for security of the fishing trade, or else the French would take the advantage to make themselves masters of all the harbours and fishing places, or would entice the English to settle amongst them. That the abuses complained of are wholly occasioned by the West country adventurers. That the masters of ships at their departure pull down their stages for firing on board their ships, and leave their men merely to save charges of returning them to England. Captain Davies says he had orders some few years past to carry guns thither for strengthening the harbours, but by reasons of the war with Holland those designs were laid aside. Further consideration deferred till next winter, since no ships go for Newfoundland till next spring, when the West countrymen are to be summoned to give answer, and, in the meantime, Sir John Berry to see their former reasons for removal of the Colony. (Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CIV., pp. 193, 194.)



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