p. 1782

& Cape bona Vista with a lesse number of men then twenty five who are to bee of one intire Company And that noe ffishermen or Seamen carried out as aforesaid bee or shalbee suffered to remaine in Newfoundland in the winter after the ffishing voyage or Season is ended.

        Eleventhly  That the Admiralls viceadmiralls & Reare Admiralls of & in every porte or harbour in Newfoundland for the tyme being bee & are hereby authorized & required to p'serve Peace & good govenmt amongst the Seamen and ffishermen in their respective harbours as well as on the shoare to see the rules & Orders concering the regulaon of the ffishery duely putt in Execuon and to cause all Offenders to bee apprehended that they may be punished according to their demerittes.

        Twelfthly  That the Admiralls Vice Admiralls & Rear Admiralls in their respective harbours Bayes &c shall and they are hereby according to auncie(nt) custome impowered to apprehend & secure all Offenders for any Crime comitted in Newfoundland on shoare or att Sea & to bring them into England.

        Thirteenthly  That the severall Admiralls in their respective harbours and Bayes in Newfoundland doe on or about the twentieth day of September yeerly publish in their said harbours & upon the shoare these our Orders & Comandes forbidding all seamen or ffishermen to stay or remaine in or upon the said Newfoundland after the last day of October.

        ffourteenthly  That the said Admiralls doe yeerly keepe Journalls of their proceedinges there And att their Return into England deliver Coppies of them with an Account of the Number of Shipps Boates Stages Trainfattes &c and of the Seamen & ffishermen belonging to & imployed in their respective harbours unto our Councell for forreigne Plantaons.  And lastly because there is at p'sent noe Court marshall in England wee doe therefore further require & Comand That if any man in Newfoundland shall kill another Or if any shall secretly or forceably steale the goodes of any other to the value of forty shillinges hee shall forthwith be apprehended & arrested deteyned & brought Prisoner into England and the Crime comitted by him made known to one of our Principall Secretaries of State To the end that due Order may be given to punish such Offenders according to law In Wittness &c Wittnes the King at Westm the twenty seventh day of January

by Writt of Privy Seale.  



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