The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume IV

[4 Feb.,

Feb. 4.

p. 1767                                         C

No. 731.


CAL. STATE PAPERS, AM. & W. I., 1669-1674, p. 328.

        751.  Order of the King in Committee of Council for Foreign Affairs. On the suit of the merchants and traders to Newfoundland from the several western parts. Said merchants and traders being called in, his Majesty declared they should have liberty to proceed in their voyages to that fishery, and have protection allowed them according to regulations heretofore settled and herein set forth; provided the master of every such vessel first give security, on penalty of 250l. to each vessel of 100 tons, and so proportionably, to carry all sorts of fit and necessary instruments for fortifying St. John's in said island, and other places, viz., each ship of 100 tons to the value of 5, and so proportionably, and also to carry 20 fire-arms with ammunition; to obey his Majesty's frigates appointed for their convoy; and not to carry more men than their proportion, and punctually to return them at the end of the voyage, mortality excepted; and those that go to market, as they end their market voyage. 1 p. (Col. Entry Bk., No. XCIII., f o. 51.)



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