The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume IV

[9 Sept.,
On board of H.M.S. Mary Rose in the Bay of Bulls.

p. 1766                                         C

No. 730.


CAL. STATE PAPERS, AM. & W. I., 1669-1674, p. 257.

        616.  (Capt. Davis) to (M. Wren).  Arrived 3rd August with the Success, and sent word to the West and South that the first convoy would be ready board of to sail 15th August, and that the writer should sail 20th September. It was 20th August before any ships arrived, and on 28th the first convoy sailed with 23 vessels. The fishers generally have not made above 140 kintalls per boat, unless in the Bay of Consumption (? Conception) where they have made over 200. Has now 15 vessels, and waits for the rest, and will not miss any opportunity of following his orders. Great complaint by the inhabitants against the West Countrymen's petition for removing them into the woods; but it is only the West Countrymen that are in fault, for he sees the stages for fuel broken down, and the transportation of men to New England is done by the masters of the fishing ships, who employ them to the end of the year, and then to save provisions and freight pack them away to New England. Is sorry to see how many have gone this year, and fears that most of the inhabitants, being so affrighted with this order for their removing, if not speedily prevented, will repair to the French, who fortify two places, keeping in one fort 50 soldiers in continual pay, and are very kind to the English who come to them, the King of France if they require it sending them a protection and giving them a year's salary. Encloses the report of a French merchant, who affirms it on his oath. “By Mr. Parker and Mr. Herneman of Dartmouth.” 4 pp. Endorsed, “Capt. Davis to Mr. Wren. . . Recd. on the 8th December 1676.” (Col. Paper, Vol. XXVII., No. 27.)



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