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No. 721.


CAL. STATE PAPERS, AM. & W. I., 1661-1668, p. 494.

        1561. Petition of Merchants, Owners of ships, and others, inhabitants of Plymouth and places adjacent, trading to Newfoundland, to the King. The carrying on of the useful fishing trade tends greatly to the increase of mariners and shipping, and of the customs; yet several persons for their own sinister ends have endeavoured to establish a Governor, which hath heretof ore been very destructive to the trade. Have had very great losses of late, and cannot bear the charges of solicitation and sending witnesses at so great distance to testify against such an appointment; pray that persons in the county of Devon (in regard the trade is chiefly carried on by inhabitants thereof) may be empowered to hear and examine the whole matter. Signed by George Storey, Mayor, and 52 others. Annexed,


      1561. I. Petition of merchants and shipowners of Totness, trading to Newfoundland, to the King. To the same effect. Signed by John Ley, Mayor, and 16 others.

      1561. II. Order in Council, on above petitions, empowering Sir Edw. Seymour and other baronets and gentlemen to examine matters of fact concerning the miscarriages of former Governors of Newfoundland to the damage of the trade of that place, with authority to give oaths to witnesses; the petitioners to prepare reasons to make good the allegations in their petitions, and the whole result with such reasons to be transmitted to the Council board. (Dom., Chas., II., Vol. CCXV., Nos. 47, 8, 9, Cal., p. 423.)



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