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No. 235.



B.T. NEWFOUNDLD.   VOL. 18.   T. 92.

To the right honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations.

The Memorial of Fowler Walker Agent on behalf of the merchants, traders & other inhabitants of the province of Quebec. Humbly Sheweth,—

      That Your Memorialist hath been informed that this honorable board hath now under consideration certain rules & orders lately established by his excellency Hugh Palliser Esqr Governor of Newfoundland & of the coast of Labrador for the regulation of the fishery on the said coast. That the sd rules & orders tend not only to deprive a great number of the inhabitants of the province of Quebec of their private rights but that the same (as Your Memorialist is advised) will also entirely destroy a very considerable branch of commerce carried on by the inhabitants of the said province which will be to the great detriment of all & to the entire ruin of many who are at present engaged therein.
      That if the inhabitants of the said province should be permitted to exercise the fishery on the said coast of Labrador in such. manner as they have been accustomed that no inconvenience can possibly arise to the fishery exercised by the british Ships on the said coasts.
      And that if the rules established by Govr Palliser shall take place very considerable Sums will annually be lost to Great Britain which otherwise would be remitted in return for british manufactures.
      That Your Memorialist hath also been informed that the proper measures are taking for procuring the sanction of parliament to confirm the sd rules & orders or to some other plan for regulating the fishery upon the sd coast of Labrador as will imediately occasion great loss & prejudice to his Majesty's subjects in the province of Quebec & eventually exclude them from exercising the fishery upon the sd coast as they have heretofore done.
              Your Memorialist therefore most humbly prays your         Lordships to take the premisses into your consideration That         he may be permitted to lay before your Lordships such         Arguments & proofs as he is at present furnished with in         support of what is herein alleged.

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              And that whatever plan it may be thought expedient to         adopt for regulating the fishery on the sd Coast of Labrador, It         may please your Lordships to recommend that such attention         may be paid to the private rights of the individuals & the         general Welfare of the province of Quebec as natural justice &         good policy require.

               And your Memorialist &c &c
Lincoln's Inn
30th April 1766




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