The Labrador Boundary

Privy Council Documents

Volume III

[11 Sept.,

[24 Oct. 1765.]

Committee Minute relative to the State of the Fishery.

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No. 222.


C.O. RECORDS  194/27.

      In consequence of the French Ambassador's Memorial, in April last, relative to their people trafficking with the Labradore Savages, and my answer to it of the 13th of April, I hope Your Lordship will approve of this Order upon that subject.
       From the Coast of the Petit Nord I went to the Coast of Labradore, for batter enabling me to form judgments & make reports to Your Lordship for His Majesty's information, what advantages His Subjects may reap from that Coast, as also to endeavour to have an interview with the wild Savages of that Country, and, in obedience to His Majesty's commands, to endeavour to conciliate their affections, & establish peace & friendship with them; accordingly I had the luck to meet with a Party of near 500 (Men, Women & Children included) of the Wild Carolit or Esquimaux Savages, from the North Coast of Labradore, & by means of one of the Brethen of the Unitas Fratrum, who speaks their language, & who came from Germany on purpose with a view of sending Missionaries amongst them, I first explained to them His Majesty's affection & gracious intentions towards them, & in his name offered them protection from all People whatever, & invited them to live in peace & friendship with us, they joyfully accepted the Offer, & promised to live in peace & friendship with us by night & by day, so long as we forbear to do them any harm, notwithstanding these People have the character of being the most treacherous, cruel & barbarous of all Savages ever known, and with whom no Europeans have ever had any friendly intercourse longer than for a day; yet with the advantage of conversing in their own language, (which no European ever did before) with kind usage & fair honest dealing, I have not the least doubt of these People being soon reconciled, & made a very useful People to His Majesty's Subjects, as an introduction to measures for this end, I found it necessary to make them a small present, and not being furnished with anything for this use, I was obliged to take things of the Merchants, amounting to £18 12s. which I pray Your Lordship will please to Order to be repaid to me, after this I carried them to Our Merchants, who trucked for Whalebone & Skins, with English Goods at a profit of eight or nine hundred P.Ct. I will not trouble Your Lordship with an Account of the several useful informations collected from these People, nor of the discoveries made by a King's Vessel I

p. 947

sent to explore the Coast to the Northward towards Davis's Streights, and to make remarks usefull to Trade & Navigation, with another of the Brethren of the Unitas Fratrum, on board, as I shall lay all before the Board of Trade at my return to England, upon the whole I will only observe to Your Lordship, that under proper Regulations (for on that all will depend) I am of opinion that Coast will prove a most valuable source of wealth and strength to the Nation, and as some regulations were immediately necessary for preventing the more savage ungovernable inhabitant Fishers of Newfoundland getting footing there, & defeating all future measures for these ends, I issued an Order (No. 7) to be in force till some other shall be made under authority of Parliament.
I am &c.                                          

(Signed)   HUGH PALLISER.   

To the Rt. Honble LORD HALIFAX, &c., &c.

[Endorsed.]  St. John's, Newfound-
              land. 11th Sepr. 1765.
Commodore Palliser to the Earl of
              Halifax. Copy.
In the Lords of the Admty's of the
      7th Octr 1765.

No. 223.                                C



P.C. 2.   VOL. III.

Extracted from the Minutes of 24 October, 1765.

      The Lords of the Committee this day took into their Consideration several Representations from the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations relative to the State of the Fishery of Newfoundland, and finding that the information at present before them not sufficient to enable their Lordships to report a decisive opinion to His Majesty thereupon, were pleased to postpone the further Consideration of this affair for the present.



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