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No. 221.


C.O. RECORDS  194/16,  T. 61.

Regulations for carrying on a Fishery
     and Trade on the Coast of Labradore
     distributed throughout this Government.

      WHEREAS a most valuable Fishery and Trade may be carried on upon the Coast of Labradore for establishing of which on the best footing for the benefit of the nation some Rules, Orders and Regulations are immediately necessary, and above all things first to banish all disorderly people who can't be depended upon for preserving good order and peace with the savages (upon which the success of His Majesty's intentions for opening this extensive field of commerce to his subjects wholly depends), I therefore hereby order and direct that the following Rules, Orders and Regulations shall be strictly observed on all the Coast of Labradore within my Government, subject to such alterations as may hereafter be found necessary for the aforementioned purposes.
      1.   That no inhabitant of Newfoundland no By Boatkeeper nor any person from any of the colonies shall on any pretence whatever go to the Coast of Labradore (except Whale fishers within the Gulph of St. Lawrence from the colonies as allowed by my order of 8th April last) and if any such are found there, they shall be corporally punished for the first offence and the second time their boats shall be seized for the public use of British ship fishers upon that coast.
      2.   That no person whatever shall resort to Labradore to fish or trade but ship fishers annually arriving from His Majesty's Dominions in Europe lawfully cleared out as Ship fishers, carrying at least 21 men all engaged to return after the season is over to the King's Dominions in Europe.
      3.   That all the Rules, Orders and Regulations (respecting British Ship Fishers) ordained by that excellent Act of the 10th and 11th of William III. entitled an Act for the encouragement of the Trade and Fisheries of Newfoundland shall be strictly observed on the Coast of Labradore.
      4.   And as a further encouragement to British Ship Fishers the first arriving Ship in any Harbour on that Coast (besides being Admiral of that Harbour) shall have the privilege of leaving in that Harbour one small vessel not exceeding eighty tons with a gang of twelve men and no more for the next winter seal and whale fishery and no other people whatever shall stay the winter in that Harbour on pain of corporal punishment such vessel to be properly armed for defence, and the Master to be a prudent, discreet person, to prevent anything being done to break the Peace which I made with the Carolit or Esquimaux Savages on the 21st instant, who have promised to

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live in friendship with us by night and by day, so long as we forbear to do them any harm. The Master of the 2nd arriving British Fishing Ship in any Harbour as above mentioned shall (besides being Vice-Admiral of the Harbour) have the exclusive right to all the Salmon fishery in that Harbour during that season. The Master of the 3rd arriving British Fishing Ship as aforementioned (besides being Rear-Admiral of the Harbour) shall enjoy in common with the 1st and 2nd ships the exclusive privilege of trafficking with the savages, under the Regulations prescribed in the following article.
      5.   The Master of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd arriving British Fishing Ships in any Harbour on the Coast of Labradore shall equally enjoy an exclusive privilege of Trading with the natives that may come within limits of that Harbour (the precise limits belonging to each harbour to be hereafter ascertained and made publick), and no other persons whatever shall have any trade or truck with the savages on forfeiture of all goods so trucked for to be equally divided among the three Admirals of that harbour, and to lose their liberty of fishing on the Coast for that year.
      That within the limits of each harbour a proper place shall be fixed upon by the Admirals at a proper distance from all the fishing stages where they are to make a barrier for trucking with conveniency and safety with the savages, and on no account to suffer their people and the savages to mingle together. And if either of the Admirals truck with them at any other place within or without the limits of their own port such Admiral shall forfeit all the goods trucked for to be equally divided between the other Admirals, and also to forfeit all his privilege as Admiral for that season, and for better preventing confusion and for preserving peace with the savages all further Regulations or Orders that may be made by the Commanders of any of His Majesty's Ships stationed on the Coast of Labradore for the time being shall be strictly conformed to.
      6.   All British Fishing Ships as well as the Admirals of the Harbours during the summers fishery for Cod, that is from the time of their arrival to the time of their departure may also carry on the whale fishery. This the early arriving ships may do with great advantage their being abundance of Whales on the Coast in the months of April, May and June.
Given, etc., in Pitt's Harbour the 28th August, 1765.
This regulation published throughout this Government.
       By Command of His Excellency,
No. 4 Newfoundland.
Regulations for the Fishery on the Coast of
      Labrador 28th August, 1765, in the
      Governor's letter of 30th October, 1765.
Read March 4th, 1766.



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