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No. 212.



B.T. NEWFOUNDL.    VOL. 18. T. 8.

By His Excellency Hugh Pallisser Governor and Commander in     Chief in and over the Island of Newfoundland in North America     &ca &ca

    Whereas many and great Advantages would arise to His Majestys Trading Subjects if a Friendly Intercourse could be Establish'd with the Esquemeaux Indians, Inhabiting the Coast of Labradore and as all Attempts hitherto made for that Purpose have Prov'd Ineffectual owing in a great Measure to the Imprudent Treacherous or Cruel conduct of some People who have resorted to that Coast by Plundering and killing several of them from which they have Entertain'd an opinion of our Disposition and Intentions being the same with respect to them, as theirs are towards us that is to circumvent and Kill them: and whereas such Wicked Practices are most contrary to His Majesty's Sentiments of humanity to his Concilating their Affections and his Endeavours to Induce them to Trade with his Subjects. In Conformity to these His Majesty's Sentiments, I hereby Strictly forbid such Wicked Practices for the Future, and declare all such as are found offending herein shall be Punish'd with the Utmost Severity of the Law.
    And whereas I have taken Measures for bringing about a Friendly Communication between the said Indians and His Majesty's Subjects and for removeing those Prejudices that have hitherto proved Obsticles to it. I hereby Strictly enjoin and require all His Majesty's Subjects, who meet with any of the said Indians to treat them in the most civil and Friendly manner and in all their dealings with them to act with the Utmost Probity and good Faith particularly with such of them as may Produce this Certificate of their having enter'd into Treaty with me and that I have in His Majesty's Name Assur'd them that they may by Virtue thereof safely Trade with His Majesty's Subjects without danger of being hurt or Ill Treated; And I hereby require and enjoin all His Majesty's Subjects to Conform and pay the strictest regard thereto, at the same time Recommending it to both Parties to Act with Proper

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Caution for their own Security till by frequent Communication a Perfect Confidence may be Establish'd between them.

      Given under my Hand
            at St Johns 1st July 1764.
H. P.               

Copy of the Govrs Order requiring that the           
Esquemeaux Indians be treated in a friendly         
In the Govrs Letter
of 1 Septr 1764.

              Read Decr 4.   T. 8.



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