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the King for His Approbation, the Draught of a Commission, and Instructions, for the said Gentleman, adapted to the Situation & Circumstances of the same: But as the Islands of St Vincent, Dominico, & Tabago, as well as St Lucia, ceded to France by the Definitive Treaty, are all included, by Name, in the Commission of the Governor of Barbados; your Lordships will consider, whether it may not be necessary to dismember the said Islands from that Government, by a New Commission to the Governor, or by some other legal Method.
    It is farther His Majesty's Pleasure, that your Lordships should forthwith take into your Consideration, and report, what Methods shall appear, to you, the most reasonable, and also the most frugal, for the peopling, and settling, the New Governments, with useful and industrious Inhabitants, either from such of His Majesty's Colonies, That may be overstocked with Inhabitants, or from any Foreign Parts.
I am &c.                   
Endorsed: Drat to the Lords of Trade.
                    July 14th 1763.

C                                         No. 204.

WHITEHALL, August 15th 1763.

    MY LORD,—Having prepared an humble Representation to His Majesty upon that part of Your Lordship's Letter of the 14th of July last which acquaint us with His Majesty's Pleasure that all the Country therein describ'd should be assign'd to the Government of Canada, unless we should suggest some other Distribution which might more effectually answer His Majesty's Intention with respect to those Lands, We beg Leave to inclose to Your Lordship our said Representation desiring you will be pleased to lay it before His Majesty—

We are My Lord Your Lordship's
Most obedient and most humble Servants,     

ORWELL                          SHELBURNE  
GEO: RICE      

Earl of EGREMONT One of His Majesties Principal Secrys of State.
Endorsed: Augt 5th 1763 R 6th. Lords of Trade [with an Inclosure].

    ¹  This reply from the Lords of Trade, with its enclosure, are not contained in the A. and W. I. series " Canada," vol. I. They are taken from Canadian Archives Q. 1, p. 109.



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