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No. 693.

AUGUST 30, 1879.


H.M.S. “Druid” left port last evening for Labrador with the         Governor, his Secretary and the Receiver-Genl. on board. The         first port to be visited is Rigolet.
Sept. 10, 1879.  

        H.M.S. “Druid,” with His Excellency the Governor and the Hon. Receiver-General on board arrived here from Labrador yesterday morning. From the 1st September to the 6th the weather was very fine for fish curing on the northern coast of Labrador, from Round Head Island to the northward. Heard from S.S. “Kite” that little had been done with hook and line after the 16th August, and the weather from that day to the 31st, had been very bad for fish curing. Three vessels had sailed from White Bears, Ragged Islands and Turnavick; got no report from other parts of the coast, but doubtless several had sailed for market. A large fleet of schooners were seen passing from northward to southward last week. The salmon fishery is not one-fourth of last year's catch; the failure being attributed to the prevalence of north-east winds during the entire salmon season. Herrings were small and only in sufficient quantity for bait, up to the 5th current. Former reports of the good fishery with codseins and traps are fully confirmed. Hook and line an average catch. The “Druid” visited Grady, Rigoulette, Mullin's Cove, Turner Cove and Cartwright; and on her return south met with foggy weather which continued until her arrival here yesterday.



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